TSMC will begin production of Apple’s 5G modems for the iPhone 2023.

Apple’s main chipmaker TSMC will begin producing Apple’s first internal 5G modem chips for the iPhone 2023, the report said. Nikkei Asia. The move, which has been in development for several years and enhanced by Apple’s acquisition of most of Intel’s modem business in 2019, will allow Apple to move away from Qualcomm as a supplier of important chips that support mobile connectivity.

Apple plans to adopt TSMC’s 4-nanometer chip technology to mass-produce its first internal 5G modem chip, said four people familiar with the matter, adding that the iPhone maker is developing its own radio frequency and millimeter components to complement the modem. Apple is also working on its own power management chip specifically for the modem, said two people familiar with the matter.

The report is in line with previous rumors that Apple will launch its own modem as part of the iPhone line for 2023, and Qualcomm revealed last week that it is using a planning assumption that it will have only a 20% stake in 23iPhone‌ 2023 modem production. Qualcomm believes that Apple will use its own modem solution in most regions around the world, but will continue to rely on Qualcomm for certain markets, at least initially.

Today’s report from Nikkei says Apple and TSMC are currently testing production of Apple’s internal modem designs using TSMC’s 5-nanometer process, but will switch to more advanced 4-nanometer mass production technology. TSMC already aims to use 4-nanometer technology for the A-Series mainstream chip in the ‌iPhone‌ 2022 line, with 2022 iPads and 2023 iPhones switching to 3-nanometer technology for its A-Series chips.

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