Trilogy – the definitive release for mobile devices

After months and months of information leaks and speculation, Rockstar Games confirmed today that it brings Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy – Definitive Edition to consoles, computers, and mobile devices – including iPhones and iPads.

The collection includes all three PlayStation 2 eras GTA games – GTA III, Vice City, i san andreas -which will “contain comprehensive upgrades including graphics enhancements and modern gameplay enhancements … while retaining the classic look and feel”.

Grand Theft Auto classics will be reborn for modern devices

Rockstar has already ported these games to mobile devices once, and despite some visual improvements, they don’t look significantly different from the original. Moreover, it has been a long time since any of them received a major update, which means that playing them on modern devices is not as spectacular as it could be.

Definitely an edition it is expected to bring much more significant graphics upgrades, as well as other improvements that make them classic Grand Theft Auto games look more modern. Rockstar did not go into details, but promised fans that more information would follow in the coming weeks.

It is not yet clear whether GTA: Trilogy it will be available as a package with all three games included, which seems the most plausible and reasonable option, or the games will be sold individually – or both.

Existing versions will soon be gone

Mobile gamers (those on iPhone, iPad, and Android) need to keep one thing in mind: while the console and computer version will be seen GTA award-winning Nintendo Switch for the first time – to be available later this year, mobile versions of the game will only arrive sometime in the first half of 2022.

In addition, Rockstar confirmed today that it will remove existing versions GTA III, Vice City, i san andreas from digital shop windows next week. So, if you want them, you better grab them quickly (although we definitely recommend waiting for improved versions if you can).

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