TP-Link’s new Tapo smart plugs, lights and sensors support the Apple HomeKit

TP-Link has introduced a collection of HomeKit compatible accessories for smart homes at CES 2022. It includes smart sockets, smart lighting switches and more.

With nine new products coming out this year, it’s a big boost to support Apple’s HomeKit home automation system.

TP-Link Tapo power supply accessories

The Tapo P125 Mini Smart Plug has a compact design. And uses a flameproof design.

The Tapo S500D Smart Dimmer Switch allows users to freely dim the light between one and 100 percent. Like all home accessories, it can be controlled manually, purchased by voice or via the Home app.

The Tapo S200D smart button is wireless and battery-powered, allowing users to add an extra switch wherever they want control of their smart lighting and other connected devices.

The Tapo P306 Wall Power Strip offers three smart sockets, three always-on sockets, one USB Type-C and two USB Type-A charging ports.

Smart lights with HomeKit too

The flagship Tapo L930-5 Smart Multicolor Light Strip includes advanced features such as individual colors for each segment, synchronization with sound for light-based light shows and vivid colors with 150 RGB + W LEDs.

The Tapo L535 multicolor smart WiFi bulb comes with adjustable brightness of 1100 lumens, light temperature and millions of color options. It is a HomeKit smart light bulb so it offers scheduling and timer functions. It can also perform energy monitoring.

And TP-Link Tapo sensors

TP-Link also announced the Tapo H100 Smart IoT Hub at CES 2022, along with the Tapo T100 smart motion sensor and the Tapo T110 smart window / door sensor.

With sensors, users can set alarm triggers for a 90 dB alarm built into a smart hub.

Tapo vs. Checkout

TP-Link is largely entering HomeKit in 2022.
Photo: Cult of Mac

TP-Link already offers the Kasa line of accessories for smart homes. They support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, and some support HomeKit.

All accessories from the Tapo line listed here support HomeKit as well as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. But there are Tapo branded products that do not support Apple’s smart home system. In other words, check carefully when buying.

Also, there is no mention of Thread support for any of these.

Please wait

TP-Link has discontinued its HomeKit-compatible equipment because CES 2022 kicks off this week in Las Vegas, not because they are ready to launch. The company announced on Tuesday that “TP-Link’s line of Tapo products will become available during 2021 at competitive prices.”

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