Top 5 tips and tricks for short YouTube movies to get the most out of it

After TikTok’s great success in short videos, Google decided to give content creators space on YouTube to create and publish their short videos. As a result, Google launched YouTube Shorts back in September 2020. In this article, you’ll learn the best tips and tricks for YouTube Shorts to make the most of this new short video platform and increase your audience reach.

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Best Tips and Tricks for YouTube Short Videos

People like to watch short videos. Statistically, about 10 billion shorts are consumed daily in the world. So it can help you gain a large number of followers using perfectly crafted YouTube Shorts Video.

How to create a YouTube short video?

Before we learn the best tips to increase productivity, let’s learn how to create YouTube Short. With YouTube Shorts, you can create a short video of up to 60 seconds. The minimum duration of a short video is 15 seconds. To create a short message, follow these simple steps:

  • Open up YouTube application on your smartphone.
  • Touch + icon in the middle of the lower navigation bar.
  • Select ‘Create a short ‘.
  • Press the red capture button. You can adjust the duration of the short video by touch 15 above the shutter button. Provides two options lasting from 15 seconds and 60 seconds.
  • After you save it, click round check button and then tap Next.
  • Add details to the YouTube Shorts video, then tap Upload button.

You have now learned how to create a YouTube Short. Let’s learn the best tips and tricks to reach an even larger audience. Statistics show that short videos created greater engagement with audiences as a result more views and reach.

Add music to your short videos

YouTube offers you the ability to add music to your short videos to make them more appealing to your viewers. Remember, good music always attracts a lot of attention. Follow these simple steps to do the same.

  • Touch Sound icon on the bottom navigation bar.
  • Search for the music you want to add search bar.
  • Touch blue arrow icon to add music to a video.
  • Press Next button to formulate changes.

Write text on your short videos

YouTube shorts gives you the ability to add text to your videos that will be displayed during playback. Follow these simple steps to achieve the same.

  • Touch Text in the lower navigation bar after shooting shorts.
  • Enter the text you want to display in the video.
  • Touch Next to confirm the changes and set YouTube Short.

Highlight your short video on the main shelf of shorts

This is an important trick you should follow to allow the YouTube algorithm to recommend and display your short video. Once you’re done with the short lineup, move on to ‘Add details’ page and be sure to add a hashtag ‘#shorts’ u title and description your video.

This will help YouTube recommend your video on the main shorts shelf in the app. Be sure to set the visibility to Public and select the appropriate audience for your content.

Video about shifting gear shorts

You can also record short videos at different playback speeds offered by the YouTube app. You can record a short video at 5 predefined playback speeds, namely,

  • Slowly, 0.5x
  • Very slow, 0.3x
  • Normal, 1x
  • Quick, 2x
  • Very fast, 3x

To use this feature, tap 1x button in the upper right corner of the screen, then select a preset speed.

Attach a comment to a video for short shots

Just like YouTube videos, you can leave a comment and pin it to the comment section of a short video to direct your audience to additional content, such as a link to a channel or even an entire playlist. This way, your viewers can give you more engagement on your shorts. Since very few people subscribe to a channel via short views, it is important to use this trick pinned comments to get more subscribers.


In this article, you’ve learned about the best tips and tricks you should follow as you shoot YouTube short videos to get the best results and increase your reach for a larger audience. If this article is helpful to you, like it and share it with your creator friends to introduce them to these tips to increase their production.

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