Tom Hanks speaks ‘Finch’ ahead of the Apple TV + premiere

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Apple released “The First Look” of the upcoming post-apocalyptic adventure film “Finch” before its premiere on November 5 on Apple TV +, and a video in which star Tom Hanks talks about the characters and optimism of the film.

In the film, Hanks plays the main character “Finch”, a robotics engineer who is one of the last few survivors on Earth after the solar event. Living in a bunker, he makes a robot played by Caleb Landry Jones, to take care of his dog Goodyear, with that trio who then travels to the American West.

“Finch is the last man on Earth. Maybe. There are hints of other people there,” Hanks begins in a new video from Sunday, but although he is the only person living in his part of St. Louis, he has “the biggest companion in He Has a Dog, Goodyear.” “

The actor continues to review the main theme of the story, because the storm forces the group to “cram into the family camp and fly to the promised land in the west.”

“It’s not human to be alone, because in society we find company, we find love,” Hanks mentions of the need for Finch to have his own dog and make a robot, named “Jeff”. “The relationship between Finch and Goodyear is one that is based on deep affection and constant understanding. Who doesn’t love a good dog?”

Hanks believes a nice part of the film is that he is “optimistic, full of hope and simply wonderful.”

“Finch” will be the second Tom Hanks movie to be shown on Apple TV +. The first, the war thriller “Greyhound,” was considered a success and was nominated for Best Sound at the 2021 Oscars.

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