Today in Apple history: QuickTime 5 is conquering the world with a storm

November 28, 2001: Apple says QuickTime 5 downloads for Mac and PC a million times every three days, putting multimedia software on track to exceed 100 million downloads in the first year of distribution. The announcement comes when websites adopt the MPEG-4 format, and online video begins to a large extent.

In particular, Apple’s movie trailer website is proving a huge success. Millions of people are downloading previews of upcoming blockbusters like Spider-Man i Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Online trailer release for movies like Lord of the Rings become noise-worthy events.

In the world before YouTube, Apple has everything it can get!

Apple’s movie trailer page is driving growth

Launched a few years earlier, to date, Apple’s movie announcement website has become the largest these days (and a great ad for QuickTime). It was created after Apple employees were appalled by the poor coding of trailers set by film studios, to be exact Phantom Menace trailer hosted by Lucasfilm.

After arranging a meeting with Lucasfilm, Apple began hosting QuickTime trailers that looked far better than the RealVideo alternative of the time. Apple did not pay for the content, but hosted the trailers and paid for the bandwidth.

Like the profit-sharing agreement that Steve Jobs entered into with iTunes shortly thereafter, the arrangement went in favor of both parties. Apple had to show off its technology and launch QuickTime downloads. Film studios received free advertising.

New features in QuickTime 5

“QuickTime has long been established as a standard for digital media for recording, encoding and delivering content online,” said Phil Schiller, Apple’s vice president of global product marketing, in a press release in April 2001. “QuickTime 5 offers incredible new opportunities for everyone who creates or watches multimedia content. ”

The new version of the software offered a smoother user interface with upgraded audio controls. The new Hot Picks guide and QuickTime TV channel screen make it easier for viewers to find content. And the new DV codec has increased the speed and quality of streaming video.

QuickTime 5 also brought new tools for content creators, as well as support for MPEG-1, Macromedia Flash 4 and Cubic VR. Meanwhile, Apple’s QuickTime Streaming Server 3 has added a patented feature called Skip Protection to make internet video less corrupt.

QuickTime downloads are growing

All that progress and popularity of Apple’s movie trailer site has spurred the rapid growth of QuickTime. This also hinted at an online video boom that continues to this day. By November 28, 2001, Apple had experienced such an increase in QuickTime 5 downloads that the company issued another press release to boast of its success.

“More than 300,000 people download QuickTime 5 to their Mac and PC every day,” Schiller said. “The incredible quality of QuickTime content delivered by popular movie trailers such as Star Wars Episode II i Lord of the Rings, and the constant news from top organizations like CNN and NPR is driving this record takeover rate. ”

A little over a decade later, when streaming video was rampant, Apple began phasing out movie trailers. But it was fun while it lasted!

Remember in 2001 you downloaded movie trailers using QuickTime? Leave your QuickTime memories below.

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