TikTok shares new data on the value of collaborating with creators on ad campaigns

The key to winning at TikTok is aligning with the platform’s content trends, both from an individual creator’s perspective and from a brand’s perspective. TikTok videos have their own feel, their own style, and understanding this is key to achieving great reach and echo in the app.

For brands, this means researching and spending time in the app – or alternatively, you can also collaborate with established creators and use their knowledge of the platform to maximize your messages and appeal.

Which can be an extremely valuable approach, as shown in TikTok’s latest study on campaign effectiveness through collaboration with creators.

Looking deeper into how brands are experiencing success in their TikTok efforts, the platform has surveyed over 2,800 brand campaigns to gain new insight into how partnerships with creators help improve results.

You can read the full TikTok report here, but in this post we will look at some of the key notes.

First, TikTok found out Ads created for TikTok in partnership with creators have a higher memory and a longer review rate.

As you can see here, repurposed content – ie. content not created specifically for TikTok – proved to be the worst in the study, while TikTok-specific campaigns and campaigns formulated with established creators met with a much stronger response.

Ads created in partnership with TikTok creators also had higher review rates, with 6-second views up 91% over non-creator partnerships. This underscores the importance of connecting with app trends and viewer behavior – if it looks and feels more natural to TikTok, and comes from the creative core of the app, through creators who know and live that approach, TikTok viewers are more likely to respond.

This is also reflected in TikTok data on consumer responses, in connection with creator partnership ads.

A campaign study by the creators of TikTok

The data also shows that ads created in collaboration with creators have higher engagement rates for most formats.

A campaign study by the creators of TikTok

Campaigns for creators are also getting stronger brand recognition, while showing products in use also helps increase engagement.

“Creator Beauty content is especially effective in promoting brand awareness. Beauty content led to the strongest withdrawal of the brand with and without the help of branded content specific to TikTok when they collaborated with the creators. ”

A campaign study by the creators of TikTok

And another valuable note – TikTok’s research also showed that beauty ads that show the product in use and use comic elements “Lead to a significant increase in ad viewing to the end.”

These are some key notes for your TikTok campaigns, both in terms of the value of collaborating with creators and in terms of using different elements in your clips.

Of course, TikTok also benefits from facilitating creator partnerships, with its Creator Marketplace essentially working to provide a different source of revenue for creators, which will ideally keep them publishing on TikTok, as opposed to switching to others. platforms.

This means that TikTok has a hidden motive in promoting the value of such partnerships. But the statistics don’t lie, and anyone who has ever used TikTok will know that creating clips that look original and platform-compliant will deliver better results – the more video-like the ad in your feed, the easier it is to quickly skip and continue on your way. .

A great creative, aligned with the platform’s trends, encourages a better response, and partnering with creators is a key opportunity for that.

You can read TikTok’s full report “The Importance of TikTok Creators”. here.

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