TikTok shares a list of some of the most popular products promoted on the platform in 2021.

Looking for inspiration for gifts for young hipsters in your life?

That could help – TikTok today released a list of some of the most popular products on the platform in the last year, which have been presented in various #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trends.

As TikTok explains:

When the TikTok community comes together, they drive culture – and trade – in powerful ways #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt the phenomenon is a great example. The products they praise become cultural sensations, inspiring people on and off TikTok to try, buy and share with their networks, leading to huge consumer demand, out-of-stock shelves and months of product waiting lists. ”

The list, which has its own mini-page, contains 23 products, from clothes to food to make-up, which TikTokers were delighted with throughout the year.

As you can see here, each product includes a brief overview, which also points to the leading influencers on the platform who shared clips about it. Touching the ‘Learn More’ prompt then takes you to the product page on the relevant company’s website.

As such, I’m not sure if this is paid promotional pressure, in partnership with these brands, or TikTok is just trying to be in their favor by presenting their offer.

In any case, it provides an interesting insight into what TikTok users are doing, which could help guide their own promotional strategy.

TikTok Gift Guide 2021

Or it can help highlight relevant influencers with whom you could also consider collaborating. For example, if you sell leggings, you might want to look at Hannah Schlenker’s TikTok feed and see what types of products she promotes and how she promotes them for future campaign ideas.

In that sense, the list is also a guide to what works on TikTok and what resonates with users, which could have some value in your planning.

Or you may need gift ideas – anyway, you can check out TikTok’s 2021 Gift Guide here.

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