TikTok leads in App Annie’s 2021 app performance report [Infographic]

App Annie has published its annual review of apps with the best performance in terms of downloads and revenue, which once again highlights the dominance of TikTok and the impact it has on the wider social media space.

As App Annie explained:

“[TikTok’s] the impact on data for 2021 is obvious. It took 2nd place in the app spend chart (this chart ranks the apps that recorded the biggest change in spend over 12 months), and also ran CapCut to the top of the breakthrough downloads chart. Why? Because CapCut is an editing tool for TikTok, which appeared worldwide in April 2020. ”

As you can see here, both TikTok and CapCut rank high on each list, although Instagram is still strong in the number of active users, and Facebook is at the bottom of the top 10.

But it’s not just TikTok’s own apps that highlight its impact, with TikTok replica apps like India’s MX TakaTak and Mine are also gaining in force, as a replacement for TickTok which is banned in the region.

This wider impact is why every social application is now trying to add features and elements similar to TikTok, because the wider shift is based not only on TikTok’s own rise, but also on common trends and inspiring behaviors that users now actively engage with in other spaces. .

Does this mean that all applications will end up looking like TikTok? Yes, it probably is, because Twitter has launched a new experiment with its Explore feed, turning it into a TikTok screen, and Instagram is also now testing a new one. vertical format for stories also.

Instagram story

Pinterest’s Idea Pins increasingly resemble TikTok, Snapchat’s Spotlight feed already uses a drag-and-drop full-screen user interface. It is safe to say that usage trends indicate that everything is going in the style of TikTok, at least until the theoretical metaverse takes over, and we all get involved in completely impressive virtual environments.

In terms of total spending on apps, according to App Annie, TikTok also experienced the biggest jump over the previous year.

App Annie 2021 performance graph

This is good for expanded e-commerce and ambitions to monetize the app, which will help boost the creator economy, which will be a key element in the app’s growth over a billion users.

Short videos cannot use in-stream ads, so platforms must find alternative ways to monetize, and for TikTok, this will largely depend on its ability to make e-commerce and brand offerings easier for creators.

If it can ensure that creators get paid, it will continue to publish them in the app and strengthen its audience – but if other platforms have better revenue-sharing offers, you can bet they will migrate over time.

The data here suggests that TikTok is in a strong position to continue to grow and provide business opportunities for more creators.

Of course, none of this is surprising, because almost every report has strengthened the growing power of TikTok, and as mentioned, every social application is now working to deny TikTok’s expansion if it can. But it is another reminder of the impact and position of the platform, which could make it the largest social platform in the final stages of the media as we know it, before moving on to the next phase of digital connectivity.

Here you can see the complete report on mobile applications App Annie for 2021.

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