TikTok is testing a new option to invite your links to other apps to view your clips and track your profile

TikTok is testing a new feature designed to help creators increase their followers by inviting their links to other apps to watch their clips and track their TikTok profile in one go.

As you can see in this example, he posted Dan Schenker (and shares them Matt Navarra), a new option, now available to some users, allows you to share your latest TikTok clip via various third-party platforms. When your recipients in these other apps touch the link to watch your shared video, they will also automatically track your TickTok account, helping to increase both views and followers.

Here’s what the new invitation looks like on the recipient’s side:

TikTok call to watch

It’s an easy way to increase your TikTok audience and connect with people you know on other platforms who may or may not already be TikTok users.

What is the key advantage of TikTok – allowing users to invite others off the platform will return more users to TikTok, who will then have to sign up for an account, if they don’t already have one, to watch the shared clip.

Of course, there is a risk that this could be used to send unsolicited e-mail, whereby users can forward their clips to all their contacts on other networks. TikTok has limited this by allowing you to share your clips with only one contact at a time, while you can also share only with people you’re already connected to in these other apps, which means you’re less likely to pass your clips to strangers.

But there could still be some unwanted pushes by overly enthusiastic TickTockers who want to ‘hack’ their way to perceived popularity. Again, this seems less worrying, given the process, but could still be problematic in some cases.

It could be a convenient way to increase your connections to see your TickTok clips and increase your connections among people who are more likely to like you (because they know you), which could help improve your wider performance. It is not clear how many users have access to the feature at this stage – we have requested more information from TikTok and will update this post if / when we respond.

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