TikTok is launching a new transparency center to share insights into content removal and action

‘Is it the season for … discovery?

TikTok today released its latest Report on Content Removal Requests, which details all shipments it has taken against in the first half of the year for violating its community guidelines or other official and / or legal requirements.

In addition to this, TikTok has launched a new Transparency Center, which will in the future become the home of all its transparency reports, which will make it easier to follow historical trends in one place.

The advantage of having all these reports on one platform is that you can now easily compare previous issues to see trends and changes in TikTok’s implementation efforts.

For example, in the second quarter of this year, TikTok removed more content in the U.S. than in any other region, in line with historical trends in previous reports.

TikTok Transparency Center

As you can see here, the U.S. leads in the second quarter of 2021 with 11.4 million videos removed due to various violations, while Pakistan is in second place (9.9 million) and then Brazil (7.5 million).

The same three nations have topped this list in the previous three TikTok reports, with fewer violations, in total, uncovered in Q1 this year.

The new Transparency Center makes it easier to see historical shifts and compare the platform’s implementation efforts over time.

As for the reasons for removal, in Q2, ‘Less Security’ was the main topic, accounting for 41.3% of total removals, followed by ‘Illegal activities and regulated goods’ (20.9%),Adult nudity and sexual activity “(14%) and” Violent and graphic content “(7.7%).

As always, proactive detection measures allow TikTok to ensure that most policy-abiding content is removed before any user sees it, while TikTok is also working to improve its use of fake profiles, which is a growing problem as it becomes increasingly considered. impact activity. .

We continue to develop and adapt our safeguards by investing in automated defense to detect, block, and remove inauthentic orders and engagements, and by improving our speed and response to evolving threats. From April to June we stopped 148,759,987 from creating fake accounts. We also removed 8,542,037 videos posted by spam accounts. ”

Again, as users increasingly want to leverage their influence for monetary gain, and dishonest actors want to influence public opinion through social media platforms, fake and inauthentic profiles are becoming an increasing problem as your platform gets bigger and will be interesting to follow TikTok’s efforts to implement on this front to get some perspective on the amount of fakes wanting to infiltrate its network.

Also, this is something:

TikTok Transparency Center

Russia submitted 1,898 requests for removal or restriction in that period, which is a huge increase in calls for TikTok to solve certain problems. Russia also fined TikTok earlier this year for failing to remove content related to political protests, and it seems that as TikTok has become more influential in the region, the Kremlin has also begun to pay more attention and could try to use the TikTok removal process to quell perceived disagreements. It will be interesting to see if this trend continues.

This is a good update for TikTok’s transparency reports, which provides oversight of various aspects of its implementation processes and where more activity is seen. Of course, these are just recorded violations and there is a chance that some problems may still go through the cracks, but it helps to provide a little more insight into how TikTok works to solve various threats and problems.

You can view the new TikTok Transparency Center here.

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