TikTok content comes to multiple screens via New Deal with Atmosphere

As another sign of the growing presence and popularity of TikTok, the platform has announced a new contract with video content provider Atmosphere under which selected TikTok content will appear on TV in restaurants, bars, gyms, and more, providing new exhibition potential for TikTok creators.

As TechCrunch first announced, Atmosphere provides licensed and curated video content for commercial premises, with clients including Westin, Taco Bell and Burger King. As mentioned in the clip above, Atmosphere converts video content from a range of platforms, which also includes YouTube, then adds its own soundtrack, essentially creating a stream of music video content that points to the source platform.

And now TikTok clips will be part of that offer.

As Atmosphere explains:

In the first partnership of its kind with TikTok, Atmosphere’s expert team of content editors will curate tens of thousands of TikTok’s uniquely entertaining and entertaining videos to create a channel made exclusively for watching outdoors. Working closely together to replicate the same viewer experience that made TikTok one of the fastest growing entertainment platforms, the two companies have developed a channel that provides viewers with an experience that is distinctly TikTok.

Given the growing popularity of TikTok, the partnership makes sense and it will be interesting to see how many waiting rooms and seats this new TikTok channel takes up as a means of entertaining its customers.

Atmosphere transmits it doubled its business footprint last year, with its content now showing in over 19,000 locations worldwide. Cumulatively, Atmosphere claims to reach more than 20 million unique visitors per month, which could provide another incentive for TikTok and encourage more users to sign up for the app (note the QR code in the video) and become regular users.

It could also, as noted, mean greater exposure potential for TikTok creators, providing more opportunities to build their presence through short video clips, with each user’s lunch included in the video. It is unlikely that it will be a great contribution to their overall success in this regard, but it is another lure for professional creators, with the additional potential to be presented in more places and to reach a wider audience through the app.

The deal will also further strengthen TikTok as a key entertainment channel, essentially acknowledging its growing presence in the wider media and social consciousness. These days, TikTok is as ubiquitous as Twitter or Instagram, and as more and more young users, in particular, spend more time in the app, it really grows and becomes a real rival to Instagram, and potentially Facebook, in the social media space.

There is still a way to go on that front, and TikTok still needs to establish a fairer and more profitable revenue-sharing system for its top creators. But the Atmosphere deal marks another step in the rise of the app.

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