TikTok announces new partnership opportunities for advertising and merchandise content at the global TikTok event

There is a lot to take here.

Today, TikTok held its first TikTok World business show event where it shared a range of new tools and options designed to help brands make the most of their platform, while also creating a clearer picture of how TikTok will monetize its current billion-plus audience and help creators make money for their efforts.

A bunch of new features have been announced, leading to a wide range of new brand considerations. Here is an overview of all the key elements.

First of all, about the brand / creator partnership, a key element in maximizing brand performance. The main update in this regard was the launch of an updated version of TikTok’s Creator Marketplace and a platform for connecting creators, which allows brands to find influential people in their niche who are open to working on business promotions.

The new version of Creator Marketplace includes better performance insights and better sorting tools to help brands find the right impact for their efforts.

As TikTok explained:

TikTok Creator Marketplace offers discovery tools that suit companies with a variety of creators for each campaign, brand voice and budget. You can filter based on the type of content they publish, where they are located, their average views, and more. ”

Brands using the Creator Marketplace will now also have the opportunity to monitor elements of the creative process and track the app in real time through the app. This could help brands better track the efforts of their impact campaign and increase the return on investment in the process.

Another new element is what TikTok calls’Open Application Campaigns’, which will allow brands to list their campaigns for interested creators to apply themselves.

TikTok Open applications

As you can see here, when you launch a campaign with open apps, creators will then be able to sign up for your proposal, with a shortlist that will then be streamed, displaying audience reach metrics along with sample clips.

You can see the updated creator market here.

TikTok has also announced a new Creator Marketplace API, which will provide third-party platforms with a better insight into the performance of TikTok creators and facilitate connectivity, as well as indicate initial partnerships for expansion.

“The partners were chosen because of their expertise in creator marketing. They are able to provide brands with additional tools and services in white gloves that complement the creator market and make it easier to manage the entire process from end to end. Today, we are excited to introduce Captiv8, Influential and Whalar as our first creator partners in the market, and will be joined by more partners with the badge in the coming months as our creator market ecosystem continues to grow. ”

This will give brands another way to connect with TikTok influencers, expanding opportunities for both creators and brands in broader monetization efforts.

Complementing Creator Marketplace updates, TikTok is also launching a new initiative called ‘TikTok Creative Exchange ’, a self-service portal that will compare brands with trusted creative service providers to help them create high-performance ads tailored to their goal and objectives.

“Through this portal, you can manage projects, feedback, approvals and insights – all in a simplified process designed to help you create influential ads. The Creative Exchange platform is a unique place that covers every step of the creative process, and everything is managed through a standardized workflow to enable fast, scalable production and deliver a large amount of fresh creative content. ”

The initiative will allow TikTok to better connect brands with more complete ad creation service providers, which will basically guide them through the entire process – as opposed to a market for creators that still requires manual management.

Which is also the opposite of this next feature – TikTok is also launching a new one Creative Center, designed to help advertisers understand in real time what is working on the platform.

TikTok Creative Center

Through the Creative Center, brands will be able to explore an exhibition of the best-performing ads, view details of the latest platform trends, and search TikTok’s audio library to inspire their creative process.

This could be a good way to identify key trends and inform about your own approach.

Assisting in this, TikTok has also launched a new, dedicated video editor, which will help brands through the creation process, including visual editing tools and copyrighted music, while also partnering with Vimeo Create to provide new video templates and simplification tools. creating content directly from the application.

The final new creation element is a new tool called ‘Dynamic Scene’, which will use machine learning to break up your videos into multiple scenes.

“These scenes are then reassembled into hundreds of variations based on audience preferences. It can add elements such as music and transition effects, keeping creativity fresh and extending its lifespan. We then quickly test these ad variations with different audiences, ensuring that only the ads with the best performance are distributed. ”

In other words, Dynamic Scene will basically create TikTok clips for you, based on your existing material, which you can then test in the app and promote the best performers. This could be another way to advertise in TikTok, simplifying the process for those who are not so familiar with platform trends and video editing techniques.

These more general ad options will definitely help TikTok attract more advertising spending, but really, e-commerce is where the platform is set to achieve the most significant growth and where it has put a special focus in its latest announcements.

TikTok in-stream shopping

TikToki embedded shopping tools continue to evolve, and the platform is working to expand its product list and display capabilities through new partnerships with Shopify,, Square,, Ecwid,, PrestaShop. TikTok also says that Wix,, SHOPLINE,, OpenCart, i BASE will also soon be supported, providing a direct list of products and connectivity options to a wide range of e-commerce brands.

TikTok’s.also develops new product links in videos:

“TikTok Shopping retailers can choose to display a link to one or more products from their catalog in any video that contains those products. Users who see the video will be able to easily explore featured products without leaving the app. Product links are a great tool for businesses to take advantage of the excitement on the For You page where users are ready for new discoveries.

He is also working on new collection ads, which will enable brands Include product cards in your promotions in the feed.

Ads from collection TikTok

And for those e-commerce brands that don’t have the expertise to create ads, TikTok is also developing a new option called Dynamic Display Ads, which will allow brands to automatically promote their products, with ads tailored to specific user preferences and interests.

TikTok dynamic showcase ads

“Dynamic showcase ads can be used to raise awareness and encourage app downloads by promoting popular, relevant products to potential customers. They can also increase the intent to shop by targeting based on product inventory and customer activity, such as browsing products or adding to cart.

The format basically allows for simplified ad creation, aligned with user behavior and interests, which could be another way to increase TikTok’s reach.

In terms of overall ad performance, TikTok also seeks to improve the advertising experience Custom instant pages:

“… Lightweight mobile landing page that loads at lightning speed – up to 11 times faster than standard mobile pages. This eliminates any waiting time: from the moment a user touches a call to action, they immediately start receiving information from the brand. ”

It also adds new stickers to illustrate products in snippets, ads for rewarding movements by engaging users, and choosing your own adventurous style.Ads to select history to encourage additional interaction in snippets.

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