This smart collar wants to be your dog’s Apple Watch

Devices that track where your pet is are not exactly new. Your puppy may currently have a built-in chip. But Invoxia wants to be the best at a fair of a different kind at CES 2022. The company’s new smart dog collar can track your pet’s vital signs via advanced technology, as well as track via GPS in case he or she gets lost. Like the Apple Watch for their fur necks.

New dog guards: AI and radar sensors

Most dog trackers use accelerometers and GPS sensors, but Invoxia has gone further with its new collar. The company, which makes a variety of location tracking devices, said it has worked with veterinary cardiologists certified by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) development board that relies on miniature radar sensors to read health.

For example, a collar can read your dog’s heart rate and breathing. You can then sync your readings with the accompanying app, along with statistics on regular daily activities such as walking, running, barking, scratching, eating, drinking and resting.

Where’s Waldo – this one, Spot?

In terms of location tracking, the smart collar can track your dog’s location at any time using a combination of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and LTE. And you can encourage the buzzer in the collar to turn off, in case your best friend is not far out of your sight yet.

Invoxia noted that the collar should be able to read radar regardless of the thickness or length of your dog’s hair, thanks to the placement of sensors. In addition, the necklace should be comfortable as it can fit loosely and still be read, unlike many human fitness trackers.

The app helps you keep track of what the necklace follows. Does Lassie go for help as requested, and if so, does her heart beat?
Photo: Invoxia

It is not the only device for monitoring the health of pets

The Invoxia new collar is not the only pet technique that accompanies the vital signs of dogs. There are also ECG vests for continuous heart rate monitoring and a product called Petpace Smart Collar. But they are more aimed at veterinarians than the average pet owner. And they don’t include GPS tracking.

Such devices – which now include the Invoxia smart dog collar – can be useful for tracking pets after surgery, helping to determine how they can respond to medications and watch out for those with known heart and respiratory disease. And theoretically, detecting anomalies in a pet’s basic health metrics can help owners and veterinarians catch diseases before they progress too far.

A few practical things

The Invoxia collar also has a removable fabric for easier cleaning if your dog likes to be messy, as dogs do. Who knows what you’re going to have to do with that stuff.

And keep in mind that after the launch, Invoxia is a smart collar only for medium to large dogs. This is because it is difficult to miniaturize technology to make it comfortable for smaller puppies or cats. For them, this collar would be too thick and heavy.

The Invoxia smart dog collar will launch in the summer of 2022 and will cost $ 99, Invoxia said. It is estimated that a monthly subscription to GPS features will cost an additional $ 12.99 per month.

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