This robust, hybrid charging cable allows you to connect all your devices

No matter what type of connection you need, this hybrid charging cable provides.
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You don’t need a different charging cable for each of your devices – even if you carry Apple and Android devices, as well as other equipment. If you use an InCharge charging cable, you can get six charging options for iPhone and Android

And that will only cost you $ 21.99 for a limited time.

One charging cable for all your devices

An InCharge charging cable is what you get if you want exactly one cable, but still want all your devices to work. InCharge offers six different combinations, created by mixing and matching its adaptive charger connectors: USB-A, USB-C, Lightning and Micro USB.

You can use USB-A or USB-C as input. You can choose between Lightning, USB-C and Micro USB tips for output. This means you can switch from transferring files from Android to your MacBook to charging your iPad with a wall outlet. It is only necessary to turn the different ports a little.

This compact cable, only 2.8 inches in size, is a super portable charger with everything you have. It’s also solid, which you definitely want if you rely on it to connect all your devices. Made of reinforced materials, this cable is made to last.

Flexible connectors are just one of the useful features of this cable. It is also a really great data transfer tool. It supports ultra-fast 100W charging, so you can power your devices at lightning speed. It can transfer up to 480Mbps of data. You can even charge one device using another with power transfer support.

It’s the perfect multi-purpose tool to throw in your digital bag. That’s why they received rave reviews from places like Pair it with this smartphone cleaner and your devices will feel like new!

Save on InCharge charging cable

If you want a charging cable that works for all your Apple equipment and other devices, this is your best choice. Get an InCharge charging cable while it’s on sale for $ 21.99 (regularly $ 29).

Prices are subject to change.

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