This insanely cheap case for AirPods Pro is an easy purchase for Black Friday

A a lot people have used numerous Black Friday AirPods sales this year to upgrade to an AirPods Pro set, and who can blame them? If you’ve just caught a set or you’re already an AirPods Pro user, the next thing you need to consider is a holster to protect them.

Probably the cheapest way to do this is with this special coupon on ESR’s silicone case for AirPods Pro. Right now, Amazon Prime members can drop the case to just $ 1.84. All you have to do is add it to the cart and then enter the code 5PR7XAIO when checking out. That coupon code plus your additional Prime savings will lower the price to below $ 2. It is an unsurpassed value.

I think this agreement of the two discounts is a mistake that could be corrected soon. Although the case is only $ 1.84, it’s still worth taking. You can use the same code on other colors, but Prime savings are not that great.

Protect your AirPods Pro this Black Friday

ESR silicone case for AirPods Pro 27% discount

This silicone outer cover protects your AirPods Pro from bumps and scratches while helping you identify which is your set in a multi-pair household. Use the code 5PR7XAIO and your Amazon Prime account to achieve this insanely low price.

$ 1.84 on Amazon

The ESR AirPods case offers a thin, silicone cover for your AirPods headphones. It doesn’t add much, but the extra protection from scratches and scuffs is significant.

Even though you cover your AirPods Pro, you’ll still be able to see the charge LED and access the Lightning port, so you don’t have to remove the case every time you want to recharge your AirPods.

ESR produces a bunch of add-ons for Apple products and has a whole bunch on sale for Black Friday with additional savings for Amazon Prime members. It’s worth checking out his page with special offers for more affordable add-ons.

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