This could be the ‘social companion robot’ you didn’t know you needed

Talk of artificially intelligent personal robots may make some people think of Terminator and “the rise of the machines,” but relax, there’s probably a plenty of time before they take over. All nervous kidding aside, in the meantime, companies like Enabot are putting out affordable robots with practical uses. The company launched one on Tuesday.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the company released its Ebo Air “social companion robot.” The little rolling orb is designed to keep the home safe and loved ones entertained and connected, from pets to kids to grandparents, the company said.

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Enabot Ebo Air, a security robot that plays with the pets

The family robotics company Enabot, based in Hong Kong, said its Kickstarter campaign for the Ebo Air – available for sale on Tuesday – saw backing from more than 1,500 people and raised over $ 250,000.

Featuring advanced AI technology, the Ebo Air aims to keep loved ones company and use its surveillance features to monitor the house, alerting users to suspicious activities.

Originally created to address the issues of pet obesity and pet neglect, the Ebo evolved to be much more, the company said.

The rolling device’s 24-hour video recording, motion detection and infrared night vision track movements in the house 7 days a week. The robot’s compact size allows it to go places other recording devices can’t.

It avoids obstacles and charges itself

Using advanced ToF technology, Ebo Air can detect obstacles ahead. When needed, it comes to a full stop, avoiding accidents and falling down stairs or off tables.

The motorized wheels ensure smooth rides around the house, on all types of surfaces, including rugs and carpets. The tumbler design allows the robot to quickly right itself up after a fall.

When low on power, the device automatically returns to its charging dock, so users never have to worry about it running out of power.

The introductory video below gives a sense of what the Ebo Air and the less-expensive Ebo SE can do:

Through an accompanying app, Ebo allows users to schedule the robot’s rounds throughout the day, whenever they are away. The function helps keep pets company during the day in an otherwise empty house.

Multiple users can log in and control the robot to access the camera day and night and the app’s new interface is more user-friendly than in past versions.

Two-way communication

Equipped with a 1080p HD camera and a pair of speakers and microphone, the rolling bot allows for two-way communication using a Wi-Fi connection.

With the mobile app, parents can remotely interact with their kids and pets, and family members can connect with elderly loved ones from anywhere.

The Ebo Air uses a combination of movement, sound and digital eye animations for life-like interactions, Enabot said. The robot can wheel, roll and dance to entertain pets and people while it captures photos and videos.

All data is stored locally, using an expandable SD card. Surveillance features include 24-hour video recording, infrared night vision, and motion-detection notification, which means the Ebo will immediately send an alert whenever suspicious activities are detected.

With exclusive AI technology, the Ebo Air is able to identify family and pets, and automatically record, track and follow them. Additional AI features include the anti-drop function, pet auto-play mode and smart video editing.

The Ebo Air is available now in the US and UK on the Enabot website, and Amazon UK for $ 229.

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