This biometric lock box can fit in the pocket of your coat

Take security wherever you go with this highly portable travel safe.
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It’s nice to keep your valuables locked away from thieves, but it’s a bit impractical to carry a personal safe. If you want a travel safe that is as safe as it is safe, then you want Trova Go + Plus: a biometric storage box.

Trova Go + is a compact, biometrically locked security box with a subtle and elegant look. And it’s currently on sale for only $ 249.

A portable safe that only you can open

Whether it’s medicine, jewelry, a passport, or cash, you don’t want anyone to intrude on your private belongings. Poison Go + keeps your belongings safe without looking like you have something to hide.

This award-winning storage box can only be accessed via biometric scanning using the Trova app. In order to enter, someone would have to have a box, an application and you physically present. That way your child won’t accidentally learn why your favorite pharmacy has a green cross outside of it.

Trova Go + Plus is introduced in Forbes, Mashable, Swell i Techcpn because it is a very thorough small storage device. It offers ample storage space for watches, rings and cash, and can alert you to its last known location if you lose it.

In the Trova app, you can estimate the battery life of your box, check bypass mode, and more. On the inside, Trova Go + is soft, so it won’t scratch jewelry or watches. And it has magnetic strips to hold things in place. The case is made of aluminum alloy, which is incredibly strong and light at the same time. Push Trova Go + into your jacket pocket and you’ll barely even notice it’s there.

Save on Trova Go + Plus biometric travel safe

Get Trova Go + Plus: a charcoal-colored biometric storage box on sale for $ 249 for a limited time. And if you’re looking for another million dollar idea, see how you can win cash just by completing the puzzle!

Prices are subject to change.

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