Third-party applications cannot take full advantage of iPhone 13 Pro 120Hz ProMotion displays

The new iPhone 13 Pro models launched today are equipped with ProMotion display technology that allows customizable refresh rates ranging from 10Hz up to 120Hz, ideal for scrolling through content, games and more, as it makes the viewing experience smoother.

Although there is a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz, App Store developers have found that most app animations are limited to 60 Hz, resulting in an uneven viewing experience for users. As he noticed 9to5Mac, ProMotion runs at a full 120 Hz for scrolling and full-screen transitions, but animations are limited to 60 Hz.

So, for example, as you move through your timeline on Twitter, you’ll see a smooth ProMotion experience, but animations at 60Hz mean other interactions are noticeably less smooth. Apollo developer Christian Selig has already seen customer complaints.

Selig speculates that Apple has added a 60Hz limit to conserve battery life on iPhone models because on iPad Pro models that also support ProMotion technology there are no limits and all animations run at 120Hz.

Apple’s apps seem to run at up to 120Hz at all times, so there’s a possibility that this is a bug or issue that Apple plans to address in a future update.

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