There are no plans for a third-party Apple Watch store, Apple executives say

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A couple of Apple executives recently described in detail some of the watchOS optimizations made specifically to fit the Apple Watch Series 7, as well as some of the decisions they made for third parties.

Apple CEOs Alan Dye, vice president of interface, and Stan Ng, vice president of product marketing, recently met with CNET to explain some of the small adjustments Apple has made on its watchOS platform for the larger Apple Watch Series 7 screen.

For example, one of the main reasons why Apple increased the screen size on the new wearable device was to make it easier to read text from an accessibility standpoint.

“We had the opportunity to allow users to increase the size of points [for text] even bigger than we allowed in the past. This is largely motivated by the new screen, “Dye said, adding that the larger size will be” far more useful and affordable to many users who just need a larger dot size. “

Ng also explained how the slightly curved edges on the new Apple Watch Series 7 create a subtle wrapper effect. Through a slightly redesigned crystal, Apple was able to create more dome shapes on the new model, which actually also contributed to increased durability and a thicker screen crystal.

From there, Apple’s team decided to embark on designing new watch faces and customizing the watchOS to customize and take advantage of the new screen.

“When we started playing with this new crystal and screen, it was there that all those subtle design decisions were made to push those hooks to the very edge of the screen to highlight some of these effects,” Dye said.

On the new on-screen keyboard, Dye noted that Apple didn’t strive for touch precision “because we have that intelligence built in” to help write messages.

Despite the extra screen space, Apple executives said the company still sees the Apple Watch as a device to be used briefly – as a companion to the iPhone.

“I think a lot of those core values ​​about how we manage to watch the news stay the same,” Day said. “Despite the fact that we are able to enable more content on the screen, we still see it as a viewable product, smaller, with shorter interaction compared to something like a phone or certainly an iPad.”

Ng said Apple isn’t “it’s not about the 30 minutes you spend looking at your phone and social media, or the clock on your Mac working on a document.” Instead, it’s about hundreds of quick glances that could provide relevant information in at a certain point.

The two Apple executives also explained why the company did not create a third-party store for watch dials – and why it has no plans to do so in the future.

“As critical as hardware is in playing the role that distinguishes the Apple Watch from the Apple Watch, we think the watch dials also play a pretty big role here, which is why we’ve been so careful over the years, despite the fact that there is a wide range consistent design elements, ”Dye said.

“If you take a closer look, the hands of the clock are always drawn in exactly the same way, despite the fact that they appear in different colors. We think we have achieved a really good balance. The faces of the clock themselves represent a third-party canvas [use to] create more complications and turn the dial into your watch, which in a way becomes the interface for their application. “

Complete interview with CNET has more information on the Apple Watch Series 7 and the design decisions behind it.

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