There are mines all the time [Setups]

The new M1 iPad mini garnered great reviews for its powerful performance and easy-to-handle size. The M1 Mac mini is well known as a compact but capable desktop machine. The HomePod mini smart speaker flourished after the collapse of the full-size HomePod. So it’s no wonder that “all mini” computer configurations appear.

Redditor seemerdane recently boasted a nice mini-centric setting in a post titled “M1 Mac mini, iPad mini, HomePod mini. You guessed it, the iPhone 13 mini has been downloaded. ”

Doesn’t show many attendees: iPhone 13 mini

The new iPhone 13 mini is not in the picture because it took a photo. Redditors commented enthusiastically on the new miniature phone, as well as other small equipment in Seemerdane’s setup.

“This setting is going very well for me,” Seemerdane said in response to comments. “The shape of the iPhone mini is perfect for the way I use my phone. The only compromise is the slightly shorter battery life, which has improved from 13. ”

Seemerdane refers to the shorter battery life of the iPhone mini than its siblings, the iPhone 13/13 Pro / 13 Pro Max. After all, a smaller device has a smaller battery. But the iPhone 13 mini has significantly improved battery life over its predecessor, the iPhone 12 mini, among other improvements.

All mini except monitors

Seemerdane pairs its M1 Mac mini and iPad mini (powered by Sidecar) with a 24-inch frameless gaming monitor AOC G2490VX class. The screen is not “mini”, but it is not mammoth either.

The screen may not be large, but it is intimidating for a screen that costs under $ 200. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a response time of 1 ms and a refresh rate of 144Hz with AMD FreeSync Premium and FlickerFree technology. This allows for smooth play.

Why is the iPad combined?

One Redditor asked what the purpose of the iPad was, along with the Mac mini. Is it useful as a second screen?

“The trailer, as well as having another device in the ecosystem, a bigger device than their phone for consuming mobile media, mobile games, and photos and videography, plus many people take some photos and videos on the go, which may have nothing to do with the Mac mini ”, Offered another Redditor, as an explanation.

Seemerdane agreed.

“This is hitting my head,” they said in a comment above. “When I can’t be tied to a desk, but I’d love more than a phone. We are interested to see how it will be used when universal control is available in macOS Monterey. ”

Some people would rather have a MacBook to work on the go, or even a laptop and iPad. Seemerdane comes with a Mac mini for desktop use and has an iPad mini for mobile use. They actually have a MacBook as well, but it’s a bit of a relic in semi-retirement.

“Are you using a MacBook on the go?” asked another Redditor. “If so, is it easy to keep files in sync?”

“Here comes the iPad,” Seemerdane replied. “But file synchronization / continuity is the main advantage of using the Apple ecosystem for me. I have a 2007 MacBook if I absolutely need it, but it can’t be upgraded to version 10.7.5, which is old. “

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