The younger generation of students is obviously not familiar with the files and folders on the computer

Many computer concepts have been transferred from the real world. Take for example a recycling bin where deleted files go, like your own real-life trash can where you throw things you don’t need, but since trash cans are still used in real life today, it’s not an unfamiliar concept to the younger generation students.

However, according to a report by The Verge magazine, which collected some anecdotes from various educators, it seems that the younger generation of students does not seem to be aware of what files and folders are on the computer.

According to various stories shared by teachers, many of them have encountered cases where students do not seem to understand the concept of what files and folders are. This is the system used the day before the computer, where the files were essentially individual documents / reports, and the folders were where you put them to organize them.

According to Catherine Garland, an astrophysicist who teaches engineering, she shared her perspective on how computer files are organized in relation to how her students see it. “I tend to think that the item lives in a certain folder. He lives in one place and I have to go to that map to find him. They see it as one bucket and it’s all in the bucket. ”

Of course, that doesn’t mean all younger generations have no idea about files and folders, but it suggests that as we progress in the future, it might be time to rethink access to computers and design. For example, the concept of “dialing” or “hanging up” a phone is foreign to younger children who have grown up in the age of smartphones.

Anyway, it’s an interesting read and if you have the time available, it might be worth going through the article.

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