The user-modified iPhone X with USB-C port sells for $ 86,000

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The auction for the iPhone X modified with the correct USB-C port, along with full data transfer and charging capabilities, ended on Thursday, with one deep-pocket buyer setting aside $ 86,001 for the device.

Designed by engineering student Ken Pillonel, the USB-C iPhone X was introduced in October and immediately captured the imagination of iPhone users struggling for a more modern connector.

Pillonel released a video explanation of the construction in early November and, as expected, the process was more than a simple replacement of parts.

In addition to reverse engineering Apple’s C94 connector, Pillonel had to produce a custom board, test and route connections, and shove USB-C parts into an already crowded case. The final result was put up for auction on eBay with bids rising rapidly north of $ 85,000.

As he noticed Gizmodo, the auction ended today with a winning bid of $ 86,001. A total of 116 bids were submitted, most of which arrived in the first three days.

Pillonel guarantees that the iPhone is functional, but warns against restoring, updating or deleting the device. Furthermore, he said that the customer should not use the heavily modified iPhone as his primary device and determined that its case does not open.

“So you can basically do whatever you want with it, but don’t expect anything from me if you break something. It’s just a prototype,” Pillonel said in a description of the list.

While Apple has yet to commit to switching its flagship platform to USB-C, as it has other hardware like the iPad and Mac, brave users can try to replicate Pillone’s project by following the detailed instructions posted on GitHub. Modifying the iPhone will, of course, void its warranty and there is no guarantee of success.

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