The United States is joining an international partnership for cyber security

The Biden administration wants to strengthen U.S. cooperation on cyber security, and that includes forming key partnerships. As Axios Reports, Vice President Kamala Harris revealed that the White House will support the Paris call for trust and security in cyberspace. The voluntary agreement will allow the U.S. to work with other countries and hundreds of companies (including Google and Microsoft) to foster an open Internet and strive for better Internet security through common goals and laws.

This was in addition to existing co-operation, including joint efforts to hold countries accountable for hiding online criminals, the long-awaited reconstruction of NATO’s cyber security policy and the anti-ransomware alliance formed in October. The State Department is also establishing a Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy to deal with cybersecurity and other technological issues.

This move is in sharp contrast to the position of the Trump administration. The United States refused to sign the Paris Invitation in 2018, joining countries such as China, Iran and Russia. Although the previous White House encouraged some efforts in the area of ​​cyber security, critics accused it of a mild approach in other areas. At one point, Trump incorrectly claimed that Russia stopped cyber attacks on the United States.

The decision will not necessarily change security. Wired he noted that the Paris call does not legally oblige anyone to respect the values ​​of the agreement. This, however, indicates intent – the US wants to show that it will help international cybersecurity initiatives, no matter how well they work in practice.

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