The tile will be bought by Life360 in the middle of competition with AirTag

Tile, a popular company focused on tracking devices, will soon be bought by another tracking company called Life360. Both companies announced a deal Wednesday amid growing competition with Apple’s AirTag and other similar add-ons.

According to the announcement (via The Verge), Tile is being bought for $ 205 million and the purchase is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2022. Tile CEO CJ Prober will join the Life360 board, while the company promises to keep the Tile brand as well as all of its current employees.

For those unfamiliar, Life360 is a focused family tracking platform with features such as location history, favorite routes, personalized alerts, SOS messages and more.

“Life360 is on a mission to simplify security so families can live life to the fullest. By purchasing Tile, we will now be able to provide a unique and comprehensive solution for finding the people, pets and things that families care most about, ”said Chris Hulls, co-founder and CEO of Life360.

Tile was founded in 2012 and offers a range of tracking devices that work similarly to AirTag. While Apple’s accessory is only available in one design, Tile has trackers that suit a variety of uses – such as a really small “sticker” for remote controls and a wallet-shaped card tracker.

However, even before Apple announced AirTag, Tile went to Congress to complain about how Apple is preventing other companies from providing the same integration that Apple add-ons have with iOS devices. Apple later opened its Find My network to third parties, but even then Tile complained to the company that required such add-ons to work exclusively through the Find My app.

Tile vice president Kirsten Daru told a congress last year that companies “may be the best football team, but you play against a team that owns a stadium, a ball and a league and can change the rules whenever it wants” to Apple

With Apple’s AirTag available for just $ 29 and working with billions of iOS devices around the world, things have certainly become more difficult for Tile – although the company says its business is fine.

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