The tile refreshes the line with a new design and anti-stalking function

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Tile updated its entire line on Tuesday with a completely new design, enhanced range, louder alert tones, improved privacy features and an upcoming augmented reality mode that will take over Apple’s AirTag. Unfortunately, it will not support Apple’s Find My app.

With this new range of trackers, Tile highlights its platform-based approach, as well as a large number of tracking devices that fit into several niche use cases. New devices include updated Pro, Mate, Sticker and Slim. Tile Ultra is a brand new product slated for early 2022 that will use Apple’s U1 ultra-wideband chip.

The Tile Pro sits on top of the pile with its 400-foot range, but a new feature here is an updated look and feel. Tile says the most common case is hanging on a keychain so the new model is designed with that in mind.

It now looks more like a keychain and can be immediately attached to a keychain as well as a backpack or purse.

Mate, Sticker and Slim now have a further range of 250 feet, an increase of 25 percent for Mate and Slim and 67 percent for Sticker. All of them now also have IP67 waterproofing, which means they can be submerged a meter under water for 30 minutes, and they also have a loud ring. The battery life on the Tile Mate has been improved to three years.

Locating missing tiles

The tile network has existed since launch, allowing each tile owner to anonymously help recover lost tiles. If a tile is marked as lost and another user of the tile passes by it, its location will be sent to the owner giving them a chance to recover it.

Tile Pro and Tile Slim

To strengthen that, Tile introduced Tile Lost and Found. A QR code will now be printed on all new tiles. If a well-meaning person encounters a lost tile — even if he or she is not a tile user — he or she can scan the QR code to present the user’s contact information.

With this contact information I can easily arrange a return to the original owner.

Newly discovered privacy protections

Similar to AirTag, Tile will set up a new privacy feature on Android and iOS.

Scan and Secure arrives early next year and will allow anyone with the Tile app on their phone to scan for unwanted trackers. Led by an advocacy organization, Scan and Secure aims to help victims of domestic abuse or unwanted surveillance by alerting them to the tile finders who followed them.

Once it appears, Tile says it will continue to improve this feature to improve its performance in the future to protect those in need.

Tile Ultra

Tile Ultra will also arrive in 2022. This will be at the top of the Tile line with the deepest set of features, including a new augmented reality mode. This new tracker will use both Bluetooth and ultra-wideband technology on iOS and Android.

Augmented reality will help users navigate to nearby objects with visual identification that will point directly at your object through the camera.

Prices for Tile Ultra have not yet been revealed.

No Find My yet

Despite the big changes coming in the Tile line, no one will support Apple’s Find My app. Apple has opened the Find My app to third parties, such as Chipolo One Spot, but Tile hasn’t used it yet.

“To integrate with Find My, we would have to grant Apple unprecedented access and basically redirect users to the Find My app, creating an awkward experience and making it harder for consumers to enjoy the different value the Tile app offers,” Tile CEO told AppleInsider. CJ Prober. “It’s also important for our customers and our partners that our products and services remain interoperable so that everyone can use them.”

Integrating with the Find My feature would limit the ability of the device to work with many devices, including the Android device.

Available now

All new Tile Trackers – except Tile Ultra – are available to order now on the Tile website.

The Tile Pro comes in black or white for $ 34.99, the Tile Mate costs $ 24.99 for the black or white version, the Tile Slim costs $ 34.99 in black, and the Tile Sticker is $ 29.99.

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