The Theory of Traitors from My Academy of Heroes: Identity Revealed, Chapter 355

Class 1-A and All Might from Funimation My Hero Academy, stand in front of UA.

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A lot of things were happening on the pages My heroic academy during the last year. The war between heroes and villains has undergone quite a big change the bigger world who left Deku and others 1-A kids as basically the last real hope for Japan in the fight against All for One and Tomura Shigaraki. It is understandable if you have forgotten some things that happened forever, which makes it all the more strange when he decides to start a point of action that, honestly, has not been a problem for five years.

You may remember from the early days of the manga that after Class 1-A was attacked by the League of Villains in the USJ, UA staff came to the conclusion that there was a mole in the school. This is mentioned again in Chapter 83 after the attack on summer camp, which was svellllll back in 2016 (Or the 45th episode of 2019, if you’re a fan of anime.) Since then, the manga hasn’t actually been called. pay attention to this as other events have taken precedence, such as the Deku and Bakugo ties, the Todoroki secret family, and the aforementioned War of Heroes against the villains. But now that things have calmed down relatively for the main players, this week’s chapter 335 brings this line of action back into the spotlight.

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Recent chapters kicked Deku and his classmates out to show American hero Star and Stripe, another hero influenced by the Almighty after rescuing her family as a child. Since it all went to hell in Japan, she quickly appeared in the homeland of her idol and tried to fight All for One (who kidnapped Shigaraki’s body earlier this year), and that … didn’t go well. She died, but her quirky New Order, which allows her to set rules for a person or object, absolutely destroyed Shigaraki’s body and destroyed some of the freaks that All for One had acquired over the years.

At the end of Chapter 335, All for One briefly turns his gaze to the UA, which has become strongly established to protect the people of Japan in the month after the war. And the chapter ends with the revelation that Toru Hagakure, an invisible Class 1-A girl, is another of his agents. Depending on your attitude, this seems either stupidly obvious or a well-crafted character twist, one that they adore managed to realize long before this chapter began.

Hagakure’s deception comes at a time when the Children and Heroes are devising a plan to hit Shigaraki while he is still quite weak and finally defeating the One for All seems like a viable option. Given how strong the children’s interrelationships became with each life-threatening event they survived and how everyone gathered around Deku, it is possible that Hagakure could change her mind at the last minute. But it is equally likely that their classmate could end up as a bigger threat across the line and cut their knees below them.

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