The target describes policy requirements for companies that want to advertise and sell on their platforms

As it seeks to expand its pressure on online shopping, Meta shared a reminder of its various e-commerce and shopping policies, which apply to all businesses and individuals looking to sell products and services in its apps, either through Facebook and Instagram Shop. via Facebook pages or IG profiles, or on the Facebook Marketplace.

Refreshing serves as a good incentive for brands to reaffirm that they are clear with their commitments in this area.

As you can see in this review, Meta has different policies to protect customers on the platform and different requirements for those who want to sell, which is important to understand if you want to use its applications for this purpose, in order to avoid violating the rules.

For direct reference:

  • According to the above review, all retailers must adhere to Meta’s commercial policies, which state all requirements and obligations for Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram resellers
  • In addition, those wishing to advertise on Meta Platforms must comply with its documented commercial requirements relating to commercial rights, data collection, and compliance with local laws.
  • Sellers must also agree to Meta’s trade agreement, which relates to product security, tax liabilities, payments, etc.
  • Meta also has special policies and regulations on the types of ads it will allow and products that do not qualify for promotion. These policies also apply to data misuse for ad targeting and transparency
  • Meanwhile, Meta’s pages, groups, and event rules relate to how you use its apps, with regulations on phishing, promotions (including contests), and presenting in its apps
  • Lastly, all users must follow Facebook Community Standards and Instagram Community Guidelines, which address general usage behaviors and what is and what is not allowed in each app.

All of these policies have recently been updated to refer to ‘Target’ rather than Facebook, although regulations have remained unchanged. Target too remove a range of detailed ad targeting options relating to potentially problematic issues and causes later this month, which will affect some of these regulations, but overall, the main policy blocks and business requirements are fairly stable, and the links here link you to relevant permanent links for each policy document.

It is a good reminder to keep up to date with these requirements and ensure that your business is compliant. And given that Meta is poised to put more pressure on e-commerce during 2022, it might be worth getting acquainted with the rules, especially if your business operates in a regulated category.

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