The stunning concept turns the Apple TV into a MagSafe plug-in charger for the remote control

The current Apple TV 4K is undoubtedly the best Apple TV the company has ever made. But it could be better and one way to do this would be to remove as many cables as possible. Like, say, the power cord and then the Lightning cable needed to charge the remote control.

This new concept of Yanka Design does that and in my eyes it is a winner!

The idea is simple – plug the Apple TV straight into the wall and then charge it remotely via the MagSafe charger built into it. This means that only one cable is needed – an HDMI cable from the Apple TV to the TV. Simple!

The Apple TV is a nice device, but despite its neat appearance, it is still exposed to a mess in the wire. With a built-in wall plug, the Apple TV concept eliminates the need for a power cord, so the power cord slot on the bottom of the device has also disappeared. Now you only have an Ethernet and HDMI port. On the front is a MagSafe charger with the Apple logo in the middle of the bangs.

Apple TV is not the only one that has received love here as well. The redesigned remote control is simpler than the one now supplied, with two buttons shifted to the sides.

In addition to the redesigned Apple TV, the designer also designed the remote control. The Apple TV 2021 concept comes with an iPhone 13 esque remote control. It is divided into two halves – the upper part with a trackpad (for navigating through the menu) and the lower part with two large buttons Menu and Home. The volume buttons and Siri keys have been moved to the side, while the MagSafe is located on the back of the device. The remote control can be held by the Apple TV box and charged effortlessly.

What do you think? I would be on this if Apple decided to succeed – right?

Be sure to check out the entire Yanko Design post for more pictures and background information on how all of this would work.

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