The speaker of the Ikea and Sonos Symfonisk lamp is now less ugly

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Ikea and Sonos are back to that with another speaker it also serves as furniture. This time the companies are refreshing the speaker for the Symfonisk table lamps, and thank God it doesn’t look as scary as last. In addition to better aesthetics, the table lamp has also upgraded its hardware for better sound.

If you don’t remember what it is original symphony lamp it seemed … that’s the best. The bottom line is that it had a silly design, a fairly large base and came in limited color options. Unlike Symfonisk speakers on bookshelves, it was a challenge to install a lamp in your home instead of protruding like a sore thumb. With the new lamp, Ikea and Sonos seem to have known for the first time that they screwed up.

“Since the launch of the first Symphony speaker table lamp, we learned a lot about how and where to use it. For example, many people use the lamp speaker on the nightstand, which has led us to create a new, slightly smaller lamp base, ”said Stjepan Begic, a product developer at Ikea. “We now also offer customers a wider choice of designs, making the lamp speaker better for their individual homes.”

Picture for an article titled Ikea and Sonos are back with a speaker from a less ugly lamp

Image: Ikea

This time it’s still a bit silly, but at least it has a slightly smaller base and some interesting eyeshadow options. They are still a very specific Scandinavian aesthetic, but this is Ikea. The downside is that instead of one product, the Symfonisk table lamp is now sold as two separate products: a speaker base and an awning. The speaker base comes in black. Lampshade they come in textile and glass materials, in black or white. The new lamp will also support E26 / E27 bulbs.

More importantly, what is the sound quality of the speakers?? Sonos says so it should be capable of “sound that fills the rooms” thanks to a revamped acoustic architecture that uses “custom waveguides”. Like other Symfonisk speakers, the new lamp speaker can be grouped with other Sonos and Symfonisk speakers.

The new Symfonisk table lamp will be available from October 12. The base will sell for $ 140. TA textile shade costs $ 29, and a glass one is slightly more expensive at $ 39.

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