The smart modder incorporates a powerful M1 chip into the older iMac G4

Yes, it’s the 2002 iMac G4 with macOS Big Sur on the M1 processor.
Screenshot: Colby Sheets

That old iMac doesn’t have to collect dust on the shelf. One guy draws the crowd by showing off an iMac G4 that he upgraded by merging with a Mac mini with Apple’s sporty latest M1 processor.

Given that Colby Sheets started with little experience in messing with hardware, his project is likely to leave many people speculatively looking at their old iMac.

The M1 chip makes the iMac G4 as powerful as the current Mac

Sheets talked about his “passionate project” and showed the iMac G4 with M1 drive via Twitter on Thursday.

To celebrate Steve Job’s life and his inspiration to many, I wanted to show the passionate project I was working on and I think Steve would be proud. Something that was not possible 20 years ago, and now it is. Hello, iMac G4 with M1 chip.

In essence, he inserted the Mac mini 2020 into the 2002 iMac case. He even briefly showed a blank case for the Mac mini in his Twitter video.

That said Cult Maca that the conversion “lasted a few weeks mostly because I work full time, and this was a side project that I was slowly messing with.”

Under construction

He’s not done with fashion yet, but he says he wanted to show it now because of the 10th anniversary of Steve Jobs ’death. Sheets called Apple’s co-founder “a huge inspiration for me and one of the reasons I wanted to build it at all. I wanted to respect his legacy and one of the most famous designs and prove that great design can go back decades. ”

Future goals for his M1-powered iMac G4 included access to ports. “I’m waiting for a couple more pieces to arrive in the ports,” Sheets said. He called the device 97% complete, but wanted to test it. And when he closed the iMac case, he just couldn’t resist posting his mod on Twitter.

For anyone hesitant about a similar project due to a lack of modification experience, Sheets says he also “didn’t have extensive knowledge of the hardware, but I managed it with the help of some friends and a few frustrating nights trying to reconnect small pins.”

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