The Slopes Ski and Snowboard app for iOS and watchOS adds live location sharing and more

The well-regarded Slopes app, which provides skiers and snowboarders with information about resorts – and helps them follow their adventures by carving mountain trails – experienced four major updates in December. These include privacy-focused live location sharing and enhanced maps for iPhone and Apple Watch.

Slopes app: live location sharing

Sharing a live location helps you connect with friends on the same mountain. As far as privacy is concerned, this is included, so your location is not shared unless you say so. And “only people you have befriended on Slopes and who ski in the same resort on the same day can see where you are (it also works in nature, within a 2 mile radius).”

You can also “send a private link to see your location on the web live to anyone who doesn’t ski with you that day.”

The new location sharing feature is free for all Slopes users.

Upgraded mountain maps

New updates also include improved mountain maps.

Slopes now covers track information on winter maps that was previously only available to Slopes Premium users. That means you can see the names of the races, the difficulty levels (green, blue, black, double black diamond – eh!) And much more.

Slopes has launched improved maps with about 20 supported resorts and plans to add new ones every week. The most popular resorts in the application will have priority. You can check the resort details screen to see if a resort supports the new digital map.

The update also introduces a new shooting experience integrated with maps, allowing iPhone and Apple Watch to work together to track sessions and see where your friends are on the mountain.

Slopes is a free download with in-app purchases that is available to unlock all app features.

Full release notes

Slopes: The next generation. Four main new features:

Never lose friends on the mountain again! Slopes supports location sharing.

– Focused on privacy: only people you have befriended on Slopes and who ski in the same resort on the same day can see where you are (works in nature, within a 2 mile radius). So friends can’t spy on you unless they are physically there in the same resort.

– Turn on: your location does not touch the Slopes servers unless you enable this feature.

– You can also send a private link to see your location live on the web to anyone who doesn’t ski with you that day. Great for loved ones staying in an apartment whose quads require a day off.

– I hope it goes without saying, but this relies on the internet to work so that poor reception can lead to outdated location data for you and your friends.

– Location sharing is free for all Slopes account users.

– As a result, the Watch app now supports logging in to your Slopes account. Before recording, swipe left to sign in so you can use location sharing on the clock.

Upgraded digital winter maps.

– Over the summer we worked hard on a big project: Slopes map ski resorts.

– This means that Slopes will now cover the track information on the winter maps that Slopes Premium users receive. The names of the races, difficulties and much more are now shown on these maps.

– Slopes starts with ~ 20 supported resorts, and we continue to add new ones every week (in order of popularity within Slopes). You can see if the resort supports the new digital map on the resort details screen. (RIP our inbox with the question “when will you support resort X?” (Sorry, we won’t have a good answer: P))

A completely redesigned shooting experience on the iPhone.

– New maps + location sharing are merged for a new map-focused capture screen.

– Quick access to the official maps of the resort trails and the number of the ski patrol are now on the recording screen.

– If you have Slopes Premium, the recording screen will use these new upgraded digital maps. See where you are, all the trails and which trail your friends are on.

– Premium users will also see the route of your GPS track for the day on new maps; great for trying to check out every run of the day.

– Free users still see friends’ locations and everything, don’t worry! They will only use Apple Maps instead of top winter maps.

Watch + iPhone: better together.

– Do you record with your watch, but want to see your statistics on your phone in the elevator? Yes! Well, Slopes will now sync your Watch recording data back to your phone throughout the day.

– This means you get all the benefits of the new iPhone recording screen no matter what device you’re recording. Using your watch, you’ll still have easy access to your iPhone for trail maps, friend locations, and more.

New language supported: Simplified Chinese. Thank you @konata and @ztong for all the translations you provided!

A brief note on the reliability of Slopes with live location sharing. Your location is deleted from the server shortly after you finish recording. Personally, I don’t want your live location data and I don’t intend to ever view (or sell) it. That’s creepy. With one exception: ski patrols / local authorities occasionally call Slopes and ask for help in searching for a missing skier. When I can save your life, I will check your last known location to pass it on to them.

That’s it for this holiday update! Enjoy the beginning of the season.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Where to download: Application store

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