The scene from the revival of ‘Sex and the City’ created an urgent PR for Peloton

This post features a great spoiler for the first season of the series ‘And Just Like That’. ‘

Peloton is struggling with another media crisis in 2021, although this one is definitely … weirder. As The Verge reports, Peloton raced to defend his distinctive Bike after the scene in the first episode of HBO Max Sex and the city rebirth, And just like that, represented cycling hardware in a less than flattering way.

The scene showed Carrie’s husband, Mr. Big, played by Chris Noth, dying of a heart attack shortly after Peloton’s 45-minute class on the company’s bike ended (with real instructor Jess King in a fictional role, we would add). Peloton is worried that viewers might think Bike is responsible, and not just because the show could hurt sales – the company’s share price fell between December 9 and 10, and it didn’t get much better by the weekend.

In a statement, Peloton’s health and wellness adviser, Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum claims that Mr. Big’s death probably happened in spite of the bicycle, and not because of it. Big led an “extravagant lifestyle” that included drinking, smoking and a diet full of steaks, and even had a heart attack in SATCis the sixth season. If nothing else, suggested Dr. Steinbaum, Big’s riding may have “helped delay” his heart attack.

Peloton also said he was caught unprepared. said spokeswoman Denise Kelly BuzzFeed News the company was aware that there would be a bike bought by HBO in the episode and that King would play an instructor, but “reasons of confidentiality” prevented her from finding out about the tragic point of the action until And just like that prime minister.

This is unlikely to significantly reduce Peloton’s sales figures. Still, this is probably not the publicity the firm wanted as it struggles with pulling the treadmill and stronger competition from rivals such as Bowflex, Echelon and NordicTrack. Peloton may have to hope that price cuts, a new strength training camera and loyal followers will help overcome any hesitation from Sex and the city fans.

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