The ransomware group that stole Apple’s MacBook Pro schemes was taken offline in an operation in several countries

Back in April, the Ransomware group REvil attacked Apple vendor Quanta Computer and managed to steal schemes showing the design of the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models announced earlier this week.

Schemes have indeed leaked about the design of the new machines, and at the time REvil threatened to release other documents if Apple did not pay the $ 50 million ransom by May 1. The situation disappeared just days later, and REvil mysteriously removed all documents and extortion threats regarding Apple from its website.

We haven’t heard anything more about REvil’s attack on Apple since then, but it turns out that operations are underway in several countries to destroy the ransomware group. According to Reuters, several government agencies have teamed up to hack REvil and take it offline this week.

One person familiar with the events said that a foreign partner of the American government carried out a hacker operation that penetrated the computer architecture of REvil. A former U.S. official, who wished to remain anonymous, said the operation was still active.

REvil’s “Happy Blog” used to leak stolen documents has been removed from the network and is no longer available. The hacker group shut down back in July after law enforcement and intelligence experts managed to hack REvil’s computer network, but returned last month and servers previously compromised by the government were used again for this second removal.

REvil was also responsible for the May cyber attack on the Colonial Pipeline that caused gas shortages on the east coast of the United States.

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