The Performa 6360 is a cheap multimedia Mac

October 17, 1996: Apple is launching its Performa 6360 Mac in North America, which is sold elsewhere as the Power Macintosh 6300/160.

An impressive multimedia Mac, the Performa 6360 comes complete with a TV / video card. It also allows users to make phone calls, listen to CDs and watch television – which seemed incredibly futuristic at the time. As Macs went, it was also quite affordable.

Performa 6360: Great starting Mac

The Performa 6360 uses the same case as the previous Performa 6200. However, Apple has significantly improved the interior of the computer. The Mac came with a new “Alchemy” motherboard with a 64-bit data path and 64-bit DIMM RAM, a PCI slot and a 160 MHz 603e CPU. It also boasts an eight-speed CD-ROM drive, a 28.8K modem and a color CRT monitor.

Performa Macs from 1996 jumped at me for reasons not particularly common with Apple products – and that certainly wasn’t the case at the time. That reason? Surprisingly low price, which made them a good choice for people looking for an affordable multimedia computer.

Today, it is perfectly possible to argue that Apple products are affordable in terms of price versus capabilities. That argument could be made even in the 1990s, when the Mac could easily come across four figures. (A Mac for its twentieth anniversary cost $ 7,499 in 1997 – the equivalent of $ 12,816 today.)

However, the Performa 6360 cost only $ 1,499, which made it cheap even compared to the far less capable computers of the time. “These performances represent the best value for money and performance on both computers [or Macintoshes]”, Said then analyst Tim Bajarin.

Compromise? Performance continued to be lower, although the 160 MHz 6360 far outperformed its predecessors. Of course, back then, some professional users didn’t need a Mac with high specs. But what about a home Macintosh that would blow away your friend’s PC? This machine was the winner.

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