The NFL reportedly wants Apple to be the next house for the Sunday Ticket

The NFL Sunday Ticket’s long-standing partnership with DirecTV is coming to an end, after two reached in 2014. The viewing package is likely on the move, and the league has reportedly chosen its favorite new home for the Sunday Ticket: Apple.

It doesn’t look likely that DirecTV, which has been one of the NFL’s main TV partners for nearly three decades, will renew its contract. The NFL is asking north of $ 2 billion a year for Sunday ticket rights, according to , which is at least $ 500 million more than the satellite company currently pays the league.

DirecTV has been losing money on the package for a long time. Still, it needs 5 million subscribers to the Sunday Ticket to cover current fees reported that figure to be closer to 2 million on average. Combined with the feeling that the NFL diminishes the value of the Sunday Ticket by switching more games to other days, this does not make re-purchasing an attractive offer for DirecTV and parent company AT&T.

As such, potential suitors with deeper pockets seem to be stepping up. Apple, Disney / ESPN and Amazon, which will start with Prime Video next season, are among those reportedly showing interest.

It will probably be several months before the bidding process for the Sunday Ticket is completed, but Apple looks like the leader. The Athletic reports that Apple is considering offering games on an ad-hoc basis. It would allow fans to buy games outside the market of their own team or even look for stand-alone games.

One factor in favor of Amazon is that it has more experience than Apple when it comes to live sports. The company was streaming, and, as well.

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