The new report considers payment expectations from impact based on audience and platform size

What can you expect to pay an influencer for a post on Instagram or TikTok that promotes your product?

There may be significant differences in what each individual creator can charge, but to provide more context for your planning, the Intellifluence influencer networking platform recently conducted a survey among 1,249 influential people from the U.S., Canada, and the UK to gather better Insight into their individual compensation expectations, which could help you plan.

First of all, the researchers asked the survey participants what type of compensation they prefer – cash payment, cash and products or just products in return.

As you can see, ‘product and cash’ is obviously the best choice, so if you’re planning an impact range, it’s probably worth highlighting this as your main offering – although individual expectations will vary again.

In terms of cost per post of influencers, Intellifluence provided an overview based on audience levels on all major platforms, starting with Instagram:

Intelligence Impact Marketing Costs Report

According to the chart, for smaller influencers (up to 1,000 followers), you watch an average of about $ 193 per post, while creators with more than 80,000 followers typically charge more than $ 1,000 per update.

It’s also worth noting that audience size doesn’t necessarily have to be your deciding factor, because while larger audiences will encourage wider reach and general brand awareness, various reports have also found that those with smaller, lower followers can often encourage better direct response. better sales result as a result.

There’s no perfect answer here, but if you find a small influencer with very active, highly engaged followers, it can be just as helpful as someone with a much larger audience in creating results for your brand – however, great celebrity support will always boost brand awareness. brands and probable activities, so they too cannot be discarded.

You’re not likely to post Kyle Jenner about your product – if you can, be sure to do so. But if you can’t, taking a more measured, explored approach is likely to give the best blow to your budget.

In this regard, these insights can provide some guidance on how you can map your spending and measure the likely return on investment, based on the expected effect.

On Facebook, the price per post is on average slightly lower.

Intelligence Impact Marketing Costs Report

Although Twitter is lower again — which makes sense, given the nature of the fast-moving tweet, which probably results in less exposure per tweet.

Intelligence Impact Marketing Costs Report

For YouTube and TikTok, Intellifluence has divided its lists into “Peer / Authoritative” influencers (regular creators who are not celebrities as such) and “Aspirational” stars (higher profile / web celebrity creators).

And prices differ significantly between the two categories:

Intelligence Impact Marketing Costs Report

As you can see, prices, despite the division of categories, are still largely defined by audience size, with the first category (equal / authoritative) covering creators with up to 20,000 followers, while the second segment covers those with 850 thousand followers or more.

Which is a big jump, but as a comparative measure, these numbers give you a certain range of what you can probably expect from a charge to reach this type of platform audience.

The data for TikTok is actually quite close to YouTube, and indeed, these two platforms are in their sphere, separate from other applications in many respects.

Intelligence Impact Marketing Costs Report

Of course, these insights are not final. 1,200 respondents is a good sample, which should provide relevant room for comparison, but there are many, many creators and no set structure, as such, about what they charge and how much you will have to pay, ask them to help you share your brand messages.

But it provides some insight into your planning, and the numbers shown here are similar to other impact studies conducted in the last year.

If you’re planning an impact campaign, these estimates relate to what you should be budgeting for and indicate the level of response you should probably see to recoup your costs.

Intellifluence provided a more accurate insight into its full 29-page report, which you can download here.

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