The new HyperDrive USB-C MacBook dock adds an amazing 15 ports

The 13 ”-16” HyperDrive 4K multi-screen docking station for MacBook has room for 15 ports, including a trio of HDMI ports that support 4K 60Hz. There’s also Gigabit Ethernet, a trio of USB-A ports, a trio of USB-C ports, memory card readers and more.

Instead of sitting next to or behind a laptop, Hyper’s latest docking station supports it.

HyperDrive USB-C docking station offers ‘maximum connectivity’

“Designed for business professionals, elite creative and video editors, HyperDrive provides maximum connectivity by providing support for three driverless 4K 60Hz screens and has 15 ports for maximum peripheral expansion,” says Hyper.

A long list of connectivity options includes three HDMI 4K60Hz ports, three DisplayPort 4K60Hz ports, Gigabit Ethernet port, USB-C PD 100W port, two USB-C 10 Gbps ports, USB-A 10 Gbps port, two USB-A 5 Gbps ports and microSD and SD UHS-I 104 MB / s card readers.

The MacBook connects to the HyperDrive dock via a series of three flexible FPC USB-C cables. Connecting one of them brings access to 11 ports, while multiple connections add more high-bandwidth ports.

The base unit is suitable for a 13- and 14-inch MacBook and comes with 13 ports. An optional magnetic extension extends the HyperDrive dock to fit larger 15- and 16-inch models and adds the ultimate DisplayPort and HDMI ports.

The dock is compatible with every USB-C MacBook from 2016 until the latest 2021. M1 Pro / Max. However, not all of these devices support all of its features. It also works with Windows and Android USB-C devices.

Now on to Indigo

The 13- and 14-inch HyperDrive docks for the MacBook will sell for $ 249.99, while the 13- to 16-inch MacBook version will cost $ 299.99. But they can be pre-ordered for half the price.

The product debuted Monday at Indigo, where the smaller version is $ 124 and the full $ 149.

Hyper already offers a range of Apple accessories, including a USB-C hub that can exceed the limit of the MacBook’s M1 on external displays.

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