The Moto Watch 100 is an Android watch that does not run Wear OS

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The Moto Watch 100 is a cheap alternative to the expensive Wear OS smartwatch.
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Samsung could finally have a bit of a rivalry in the Android-compatible wearable department — though that’s pretty easy at the moment because Galaxy Watch 4 is one of the few smart watches worth buying. Tthe competition comes from an unknown brand.

Remember the Moto 360? No, not a smartwatch manufactured by Motorola. I think this Moto 360, which was a Wear OS smartwatch made by eBuyNow, the company that described yourself as “the most present consumer electronics vertical you’ve ever heard of.” Under CE brands, the company has announced a new smartwatch, Moto watch 100. And although it is compatible with Android, it is not a Wear OS device.

$ 100 Moto Watch 100 looks be a convenient alternative for people who want a smartwatch without spending hundreds of dollars. The device has 42mm aluminum case and 20mm quick-release strap, making it easy to add color to the otherwise mild watch chassis shown in the print photos. It has a 1.3 inch round LCD screen and offers several basic health monitoring functions, including heart rate and monitoring blood oxygen levels, which have become standard on the latest smartwatches. The Moto Watch 100 is alsoproof, sweatyresistant and made to withstand 50m atmospheric pressure. It offers water resistance up to 5ATM.

Interestingly, unlike its predecessors, the Moto Watch 100 does not run Google’s and Samsung’s new version of Wear OS, or even Google’s old version of Wear OS. Instead, it runs something called the Moto Watch OS, which seems to rely entirely on a mobile app to track your movements and serve notifications. Screenshots in official listing view the accompanying Android app, even though there is an iOS app launching in December.

Maybe The Moto Watch OS is what helps the watch to offer such an amazing battery life, as it is Media Release receivables. Moto Watch 100 promises up to two weeks of full battery use of one 60-minutes of charging at its 355 mAh battery.

Most of the specifications of the Moto Watch 100 came out less than a day ago in 91Mobile, accompanying previous reports that there will probably be more Moto Watch releases on the horizon. Now that it is officially available for pre-sale, ieit will be interesting to see if Moto watch 100 resonates with customers. Google is in the process repair with its wearable software Samsung on board, but a few clocks actually run the new Wear OS. At this point, a cheap multi-platform watch with a solid health base could be all most people want.

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