The morning show can’t release the obsession with Mitch, a sexual pest

Alex is back Morning show and viewership has risen, but is everyone happy? Her presence forces all people to prove that things are on the right side. Meanwhile, the embarrassed former anchor Mitch just won’t leave.

Apple TV +’s inner view of the world of TV journalism stands in the abyss – and just below are the mountains of crisis.

Morning show Review: ‘Kill the Fat Calf’

Everything seems to be going well after the return of Alex Levy (played by Jennifer Aniston), but everyone is extraordinary tense. Her co-host, Bradley Jackson (Reese Witherspoon), has only recently been competitive. And Alex herself is wary of getting too big, too fast. She tries to become famous again, which delights her producer, Chip (Mark Duplass), who has returned ready accept these challenges.

He seems upset when Alex refuses his advice and wants to turn down the opportunity to moderate the political debate – a gig that Bradley really wants.

Meanwhile, Bradley is secretly sleeping with journalist Laura Peterson (Julianna Margulies). Laura recommends that Bradley reconcile with Cory Ellison (Billy Crudup), the CEO of the network with whom she has been exchanging thorns lately, and favors them. Cory has his problems, of course, because the network doesn’t work well and he takes the blame.

Problem with Mitch

Embarrassed exMorning show host Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) is starting to feel in a better mood, thanks to his fiery friendship with Paolo (Valeria Golino). But that was shattered by the call of his estranged wife Paige (Embeth Davidtz). She learned that there would be a renewed defamation campaign against Hannah Shoenfeld (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), a woman who was sexually harassed by Mitch who killed herself in an overdose after she went public with her allegations.

This will probably further question Mitch and his family, so he calls Cory to ask him to stop the wheels of this new story. In principle, Cory doesn’t want to help Mitch at all. However, he must know that it will look bad to everyone if this story comes to light.

News department chief Stella (Greta Lee) dresses meteorologist Yank Flores (Nestor Carbonell) for his use of the term “spiritual animal”. Yanko goes crazy when asked to apologize, which further infuriates her. Daniel Henderson (Desean Terry) secretly goes to Stella to look for stories that are not explicitly related to race. She wants to be treated more like Alex and Bradley, but Stella doesn’t think he’s charismatic enough to endure being anything but a third string.

Keep your voice down

What must always be at the forefront of every discussion Morning show is that the show still spends so much time and attention on the sexual pests of Mitch Kessler. Watching him loop around doing the “right thing” and moving with the boundaries with Paolo … I mean the whole reason why Apple TV + green in this show was to talk about journalism in the #MeToo era. And Mitch was a proven monster.

That worked Morning show ‘is the first season, in which everyone discovered that he is creepy. Now that we are I know he’s creepy, why are we hanging out with him? Honestly, it’s a bit obscene to watch a show that tries to make us sympathize with him.

And the real trouble is Morning show i can’t afford to interrupt those things because so little of the rest of the drama is more interesting. The stories of Yank and Daniel are not stars; a meteorologist who was fired because of an idiot is not so shocking.

Bradley and Cory show

Billy Crudup, left, is still the strongest part of this show.
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If the show could only be about Bradley and Cory, it would be consistently fun. Crudup shines as the best performer in the lead role. Watching him attack this part is the best that Apple TV + leading drama can achieve. Witherspoon can be good, but she’s really in the best shape when sparring with Crudup or Marguiles. So I don’t understand the need for Witherspoon to do anything else. She and Crudup who tried to apologize were the highlight of this week’s episode.

It is somehow funny that this week’s topic is representation and tokenism. Laura is angry at Bradley for not going public about his sexuality. Daniel feels like he is being treated unfairly because he is gay and black. Yanko does not want to apologize for racism. Stella thinks Cory hired her because she is Asian.

All of this is certainly true, but it’s … well, the fact is that the show has to believe that news about the puff network is the best place for politics to meaningfully do the right job for progress. What the writers of this show cannot understand is that no one is watching Good morning America or The view or whatever you see them representing themselves. They watch those shows because they kill time before work or because they wait for laundry or nails.

No one cares about the foreign policy of morning television, why would she care about domestic policy? Nobody lights up You live with Kelly and Ryan hoping to see real progressive work.

This week in bad current events

Apparently, Alex is a persistent fan of Foo Fighters, the band surprises her with their performance. It’s funny to watch Aniston have to be excited about them.

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Look at: Apple TV +

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