The morning after: the Sony Xperia Pro-1 is first a camera and second a smartphone

Sony smartphones have never set the world on fire. It is one of the latest technology companies still willing to try to sell phones, despite the dominance of Apple and Samsung.

The company seemed to be turning a corner with its Xperia 1 series – phones that relied on Sony’s camera knowledge, both when it comes to sensors made over the years, and smart software.

We get a review for the Xperia 1 III, but that has now been rejected by the Xperia Pro-1, announced last night.


A big feature of the Xperia Pro-I is the 1-inch sensor that was last seen from the company’s wonderful camera point and shoot. It’s a much larger sensor than you’ll find on most phones (although Sony says the lens actually covers only part of the sensor). By comparison, the primary sensor on the just-released Google Pixel 6 Pro has a pixel tilt of 1.2 µm. Pro-I has 2.4 µm pixels. The device can capture RAW photos, 4K 120 fps video and (like the last few Xperia 1 models) also captures images at 20 fps.

Also, there’s a 24mm lens made of glass that can switch between f / 2.0 if / 4.0 aperture – another rare feature,

The phone will also come with all kinds of keys and accessories, including support for Sony’s “dead-cat” muffler to reduce wind noise, a recording handle and its own additional screen, for self-recording and blogging with the help of a primary camera sensor.

As tradition dictates, Sony is once again asking for a premium. In the US, the Xperia Pro-I will cost $ 1,800. The company thinks you get a flagship phone and the RX100 VII is aimed and recorded all in one device, for less.

I’m not sure most of us will swallow that excuse.

-Mat Smith

Solid phones, great software, perfect prices

The Morning After


While we complain about that price of Sony phones, Google’s Pixel phones have landed. The right blend of premium hardware and enticing prices. Yes, for hundreds less than the competition, the Pixel 6 Pro offers everything you expect from a leading model and more. It has a beautiful 120Hz screen, great cameras and a beautiful user interface. In addition, Google’s smart AI touches add some intriguing photographic tricks and make typing by voice easier.

Torn between Pixel 6 and Pro 6? Given the similarity of specifications (and sizes), this decision boils down to one key factor: price. Choose Pixel 6 instead of Pro and you will save 300 USD. All you need is a 120Hz screen and a telephoto camera. And the Pixel 6 has cooler color options anyway …

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Design, fit and features combine for a better set of headphones.

The Morning After


Apple’s refurbished AirPods bring big changes in design and sound quality. The company has expanded the availability of key features from AirPods Pro such as surround sound and Adaptive EQ to a more affordable headset, all while keeping all the comfort of AirPods intact.

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100,000 Tesla would be the biggest EV purchase ever.

Hertz has ordered 100,000 Tesla EVs for its fleet, with plans to lease them to major U.S. markets and parts of Europe starting in November, according to Bloomberg. This would mark the largest order of electric vehicles of all time and represent a major shift for Hertz in renting electric cars.

It would be a pretty sharp turnaround for Hertz, given that he filed for bankruptcy in 2020.

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And SharePlay for everything else.

Apple has announced that group trainings are available from today, so you can gather up to 32 friends together to watch videos about the company’s exercise or meditation.

To use the new features, you’ll need to update to iOS 15.1 or iPadOS 15.1, as well as watchOS 8.1, all of which are available today. Those who plan to watch videos on their Apple TV will also need tvOS 15.1. SharePlay earlier this year, and during it was buggy and unstable.

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It’s been over a year.

With Halo Infinite’s release date fast approaching, Microsoft has shared a new six-minute trailer that offers an in-depth look at the single-player game component. That is another attempt after the division.

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