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If you’ve endured the possible purchase (or upgrade) of an iPad, this may be the time to strike. Apple’s latest base model iPad is now on sale, and we have a detailed overview of what is a gradual upgrade of what is, in essence, the same design that we have had for many years.


If you’re looking for an iPad with a design shift – or at least smaller dimensions – there’s an iPad mini that pulls part of the redesigned iPad Pro DNA into a smaller package. It includes something similar to the full-screen design, with an 8.3-inch Liquid Retina display and a power button with TouchID on the edge that replaces the need for a start button.

Meanwhile, the OG iPad design, so slightly refreshed for 2021, isn’t wrong – and it’s the cheapest new iPad you can get. For that $ 330, as Nate Ingraham writes in the review, the hardware is powerful and the battery life is outstanding.

It has Apple’s A13 Bionic chip, which first appeared in the iPhone 11, around 2019, but is still an upgrade over the last iteration of vanilla for the iPad. But yes, it’s not as powerful as the newer chips in the iPad Air and the just-updated iPad mini.

If we bypass the Pro models, the purchase of tablets will be reduced to the iPad mini, Air or this new standard model. It could be said that this is a certain degree of choice – I just wish there was more competition for tablets that don’t run Apple OS. Android tablets are still, usually, cheaper options that always leave me craving.

– Matt Smith

Former employees have been outspoken critics of many Amazon policies.

Amazon was due to defend its decision in court to release Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa last year. Former Amazon employees were outspoken critics of the company, and both were illegally fired, according to the National Labor Relations Committee (NLRB). The e-commerce giants did not have to defend themselves, because they agreed with the affected parties just before the hearing could take place.

The settlement has yet to be approved by NLRB’s regional director in Seattle, but Cunningham and Costa already consider the settlement a victory. In a joint statement, they said the development was a “victory for the protection of workers’ rights”.

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Huh, it looks a little familiar.

Subaru has unveiled the first video of its first EV, the 4×4 Solterra crossover, essentially confirming that it’s a slightly reworked version of Toyota’s upcoming bZ4X EV. We are still waiting for key details, such as price and battery capacity. It is scheduled to arrive in the US and other markets next summer. For now, you better take a look at the teaser.

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A little Dolby Atmos makes a difference.

The morning after


Sonos has added original Beam support for Dolby Atmos, which has proven to be a popular soundtrack for those who want to upgrade their TV sound system in an easy way — and introduce them to the movie universe of Sonos accessories and speaker upgrades.

The new Beam, while more expensive than the competition, is another compact soundbar that sounds far more impressive than you would expect. According to Devindra Hardawar, she also works decently with music and still works well with other Sonos speakers. Read on for his full review.

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Nreal Air also works with iOS devices.

The morning after


Chinese company Nreal has launched a new model of augmented reality glasses called Air, designed for streaming shows and playing mobile games. The glasses still have to be attached to the phone, like their predecessor, the Light, but they are much lighter (77 grams to the Light’s 106 grams) and look more like ordinary sunglasses.

Nreal has also improved the screen, which has the ability to project a massive virtual screen up to 201 inches in size and refreshes to 90Hz. The new model has no tracking at all, and a company spokesman told us that, based on Light’s use, Nreal expects most owners to use Air only to watch shows on YouTube.

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The Kiyo X webcam costs $ 80, while the Ripsaw X recording card costs $ 140.

Razer’s latest streaming equipment is aimed directly at beginners, starting with the new Kiyo X USB webcam. As with most current games, you can choose between webcam feed optimization for fidelity or framerate with 1080p 30 fps and 720p 60 fps.

There’s also a Ripsaw X card for capturing up to 30 frames per second in 4K resolution. Razer says the device delivers “near zero latency” via HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 connections. You can connect it to a camera with HDMI output to use it as a premium webcam or record gameplay from the console. The Kiyo X camera costs $ 80, while the Ripsaw X will cost you $ 140. Both are now available.

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