The Morning After: ‘Final Fantasy XIV’ is so popular that Square Enix has stopped selling it

Square Enix deals with sales and delivery Starter Edition i Complete edition because it works too well and the company’s servers can’t keep up. The decision applies to both the physical and digital versions of the game and will happen in the coming weeks. FFXIV players have been struggling with long lines since it came out in late November. They still have to wait for hours to get on the server and be able to play the game.

It’s a bit inside baseball, but I’m planning a story about a record-breaking online RPG – but I can’t access the game while the suspension continues. I guess I’ll have to find something else to write about during the holiday season. At least I did Deathloop i Metroid Dread to keep me occupied.

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Motorcycle magazine controlled it for years – until Facebook changed its name.

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When Facebook decided to change its name, changing its website, business documentation and more, the company did not control @Meta Handrail on Instagram. It belonged to a small Denver magazine called META. On the day of its publication, the magazine published a photo of various printed editions with the inscription “From 2014. But until the next day, the bill mysteriously disappeared. @Meta now hosts all content from the @Facebook Instagram page, and posts from META, a magazine, now appears below the @readmeta handle. What happened? And doesn’t this violate Meta’s rules about Instagram lunches?

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Expect meal kits, not fast food. For now.

Uber and autonomous vehicle company Motional have announced an “autonomous delivery” partnership through Uber Eats. The pilot will be launched at some point “early 2022”, but will not offer the full range of Uber Eats options. Instead, customers will be able to choose from a “customized set of meals from selected restaurants.” A joint venture is not entirely without drivers. A Motional spokesman told Engadget: “We will launch a service with the safety operators present in the vehicle.” Deliveries of the meal kit will begin in Santa Monica, California, where much of Motional’s teamwork will take place.

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Apple has sued the NSO group over an iMessage attack at the ‘nation state’ level.

Google researchers described the click-free exploitation of the NSO Group, which is used to hack Apple devices, as “amazing and intimidating”, calling it “one of the most technically sophisticated exploits we’ve ever seen”, along with attacks by elite nationwide spies.

The Project Zero team said that it procured one of the NSO’s Pegasus exploits from the Citizen Lab, which managed to catch him through a targeted Saudi activist. NSO’s original exploit required users to click on the link, but the latest, most sophisticated exploit does not require any click. Named ForcedEntry, it takes advantage of the way iMessage interprets files such as GIFs to open a malicious PDF file without the need for victim action. Last month, the U.S. Department of Commerce essentially banned its use in the U.S. on its “entity list”.

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Made for shared ride drivers, but not for taxis?



Arrival is a British-American startup that wants to revolutionize the design and production of electric vehicles. Its first sales presentation is Arrival Car, designed primarily for rideshare drivers during their working day. We have an exclusive first look, but is it just me or does it remind you of Total Recall?

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