The Marvel musical in Hawkeye is a terrible nightmare

Performers dressed as Avengers pose on stage during Rogers: The Musical, as seen in the Disney + series Hawkeye.

Acting team Rogers: Musical in the middle of the show.
Picture: Disney + / Marvel

Although Marvel will never be able to survive the tire fire that it was Spider-Man: Turn off the darkness, the idea of ​​superheroes singing and dancing on stage is obviously something behind the creative team Disney + ‘s Hawkeye there is wanted to realize for a while, and in the new series they get to that. But where Turn off the darkness took himself somewhat seriously, Hawkeye‘s sprayed Rogers: Musical is a nightmare that seems to exist in response to the MCU Hamilton.

In the first episode, “Never meet your heroes, Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) prepares her kids around New York for a little quality vacation, and while there are countless interesting things to do, Father’s Avengers decides to take them all to the show Rogers: Musical. Although the musical is only briefly presented in the episode before the story moves on, it shows you enough to give you an idea of ​​what kind of play Clint and the other theater sponsors have signed up for. Although everyone else in the audience is slightly jazzed as they watch the musical Captain America (Tom Feeney) and the musical The Black Widow (Meghan Manning) sing and dance, seeing the battle for New York turn into entertainment for Clint, and he has to hurry out of the theater to he would not be crushed by PTSD and grief.

Clint getting out of the theater makes it so you don’t actually get a chance to hear the whole song being sung on stage in the episode, but Marvel has just staged “Save the City” in its entirety, as people have clear he searched the entire trail.

In context Hawkeye,, Rogers: Musical is actually quite interesting thinking about how people in the present-day, the MCUs are dealing with a return to their “normal” lives after Thanos ’defeat in the end Endgame. There is something extremely strange and almost unhealthy HawkeyeA depiction of people who seem to have no problem returning to the monotonous rhythms of life, and this seems to be one of the biggest problems Clint Barton faces as the series goes on.

The first two episodes Hawkeye are is now being transferred to Disney +.

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