The MacBook Pro comma is a ‘really smart’ design feature, Apple says

The launch of Apple’s product wouldn’t be complete without some kind of controversy, and the MacBook Pro notch gives people a lot to talk about.

While some people are really unhappy about it, Apple says it’s a really smart feature.

Some 9to5Mac readers vehemently opposed the comma.

“It’s awful and I was planning to get it, but now I’m strongly questioning it.”

“It’s ugly and unnecessary.”

“Easy and unnecessary”

“The notch might be cute on an iPhone, but it will be especially uncomfortable on a laptop.”

Most either thought it was a good compromise for smaller frameworks, or it just wasn’t important enough to discuss.

“We’re spoiled that the comma is all we have to discuss now.”

“I do not care. The comma on my iPhone 12 has ‘disappeared’, and so has the comma on MBPro. ”

“I don’t care about that, but it would be nice to have a frame on top as well.”

“At first glance, I’m not inclined to do that, but, as with the phone, in the end, it probably won’t interest me.”

Apple’s argument is that moving the menu bar to the comma area creates more usable space – and TNW noted that Shruti Haldea – Apple ‘s Pro Mac product line manager – highlights this point at The same brain podcast.

We actually made the screen taller so you still have, like on a 16-inch laptop, you still have an active 16-inch area diagonally in that 16 x 10-inch window, and we just enlarged the screen from there and put the tape on menu there.

We’ve just moved it a bit and removed it, so it’s a really smart way to give you more space for your content – and when you’re in full screen mode, like you said, you have a 16 by 10 window and it looks great. That is flawless.

Some 45% of readers agree with it, while an additional 23% were good with it, they just wanted the menu bar to be black all the time to fit. Only 28% would prefer with thicker frames.

Even before I saw it, the MacBook Pro notch sounded like good news to me, shrinking those frames. Watching the introductory speech didn’t change my mind, and Apple’s argument makes sense to me. The real test will, of course, be what I think about when the machine is in front of me – but I’ll have to wait somewhere between Friday and Tuesday to find out.

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