The M2 MacBook Air concept drooling shows a super slim design

The 2022 MacBook Air could be the insanely thin macOS laptop that many people had hoped for.
Photo: Front Page Tech / Renders by Ian

A new series of renderings based on rumors about how the MacBook Air 2022 will show how thin it will be. And how could it borrow many of the features of the recently announced MacBook Pro.

The upcoming model will reportedly include an M2 processor, MagSafe and a mini-LED screen with a notch on the screen. But not the wedge-shaped design of previous Air notebooks.

MacBook Air Specifications for 2022

A lot of details have been leaked about the next MacBook Air as it is reportedly close to a year old. The new render concept is based on information leaked and coming from collaboration Front Page Tech and Renders of Ian. They show a device that is extremely thin – thin enough to look a bit like the iPad Pro.

It will reportedly get that slim shape by omitting many of the features of the 2021 MacBook Pro. As mentioned, it is expected to have a MagSafe charging port, but only two USB-C ports and a headphone jack. There is no HDMI port or SD card reader for this model.

2022 MacBook Air side view, with ports.
There won’t be room for many ports in the M2 MacBook Air.
Photo: Front Page Tech / Renders by Ian

Since these are drawings from Renders by Ian based on the information that was leaked, there is room for potential error. For example, it is questionable whether the screen is as thin as physically possible in these images. Also, the device will need rubber feet to keep it from slipping as you type, even if they increase in thickness.

New generation display

Reliable sources point to a mini-LED screen like those in the 2021 MacBook Pro versions. However, no one seems to have been able to determine the size for this. 13 inches? 14 inches?

Twitter tipster @Dylandkt, who has provided reliable information on Apple ‘s upcoming products in the past, claims the next MacBook Air will have a 1080p webcam. The new Pro model puts a comma in the screen, and it is possible that this will be true for Air.

Another reason why the device will be so thin is that it will not include fans to cool the Apple M2 processor. But that will reduce its potential performance.

Since the laptop is more consumer-oriented than the Pro, there will reportedly be a number of color options. Same as for the 24-inch iMac.

The upcoming MacBook (Air) will be released in mid-2022. It will have MagSafe, a 1080p webcam, USB C ports, a 30W power adapter and no fan. There will be color options similar to the iMac 24. The bezel and keyboard will be almost white with full-size function keys.

The MacBook Air for 2022 will reportedly start production in time for launch in late summer or early fall.

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