The latest tile finders take over the AirTag with a thinner design, longer range

The new generation of tile finders for 2021 offers more elegant new designs, increased range, a louder ring and a new way to find and recover lost items.

Tile has had to step up his game now that he faces competition from the Apple AirTag.

A range of improved tile finders

The tile has transformed the Tile Pro into a better keychain, so it is designed for easy attachment and comfortable hanging from the keychain. This is unlike Apple’s item tracking tool which doesn’t even have a hole — users have to buy an add-on to attach it to the keys.

Tile Pro is its premium version. It depends on Bluetooth and has a range of up to 400 feet.

The company also produces other trackers in a range of designs. This includes a sticker with plates to attach to the TV’s remote controls, while a Slim plate slides into the wallets. They are upgraded to a 250-foot range of findings and have a louder ring. The general-purpose Mate board now has a three-year battery life.

All four versions are IP67 waterproof so they can be immersed in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

New Lost and Found feature

Bluetooth tracking is convenient at home, but items can get lost anywhere. Tile’s response is the Lost and Found service.

Each 2021 board (excluding the sticker) will have a QR code on the back so anyone who finds it can scan it, see the owner’s contact information, and agree on how to reconnect the lost item to its owner.

More security

“Tile trackers are designed to locate lost items, not to track people,” the company said Tuesday. Its Scan and Secure feature will allow anyone with the Tile app (even if they don’t have an active Tile account) to easily scan and detect nearby Tile devices and identify if an unknown device is near them.

This feature will come to iOS and Android in early 2022.

Ultra tile that supports UWB

The highlight of the AirTag is the Ultra-Wideband, an item locating system that is more accurate than Bluetooth. Tile Ultra, coming in 2022, will also include UWB. The tracker will work with both iPhone and Android devices that support UWB.

The company application will use augmented reality to direct users directly to lost items. It’s a feature that was once talked about for AirTag, but didn’t actually show up.

Prices for Tile Ultra were not announced on Tuesday.

2021 Prices and availability of tiles

Four 2021 tile models are launched on Tuesday:

  • Tile Pro: Available in Black or White for $ 34.99
  • Tile Mate: Available in Black or White for $ 24.99
  • Tile Slim: Available in Black for $ 34.99
  • Tile sticker: Available in black, starting at $ 29.99

They can now be purchased at For comparison, there is only one version of the AirTag, and it costs $ 29.

Tile finders take over AirTag

Although Tile’s announcement of the offer for 2021 does not mention the Apple AirTag, it does not ignore the elephant in the room. CJ Prober, CEO of Tile, defiantly says, “We built this category almost ten years ago.” And the company points out: “In the first half of 2021, Tile increased revenue by 50 percent and shows no signs of slowing down.” The AirTag was launched in the first half of 2021.

The tile points out that the platform is agnostic, because its application is available for both iOS and Android. And it already offers voice retrieval via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, a feature that AirTag users can get via Siri. Apple, for its part, does not offer an Android app for AirTag, which will always limit its market potential.

Updated: This article wrongly said that Tile Ultra will only work with Android. The upcoming add-on will also work with iOS. We apologize for the confusion.

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