The latest $ 20 JLab headphones are designed to complete your skin tone

When it comes to connectivity, almost all real wireless headphones accidentally fail. This is mainly due to the predominantly black and white color options, with several variants of bright shades being added along the way. Even if the buds are tiny, they are still very visible because of their color. JLab is looking to fix that, and the audio company has teamed up with nail care brand ORLY to develop a solution. Along with Go Air Tones, the duo has chosen a collection of seven Pantone colors that are “flattering to people in a range of skin tones”.

JLab says he worked with ORLY to select the final shades from the original collection of over 60 options. Given the beauty brand’s experience in creating nude nail polishes, Seven Colors “encompasses different skin tones with a mix of warm, neutral and cool shades. While the colors reflect real skin tones, most users will find the colors” flattering “without an exact match. according to JLab.If you have trouble choosing the best option, JLab offers an AR room for virtual testing that could help you decide.


Go Air Tones are the same headphones as the $ 20 Go Air Pop that JLab debuted back in August. This means you get built-in touch controls, the ability to use any pup independently, a collection of EQ presets and IPX4 moisture protection. There is also a case with a built-in USB charging cable. JLab says you can expect up to eight hours on the headphones themselves with an additional three charges from the included case. The only difference between Pop and Tone are the color options available for each.

Go Air tones are available for presale today for $ 20. Delivery is scheduled to begin in mid-January.

JLab Go Air Tones


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