The iPhone X with USB-C port costs over $ 86,000 on eBay

The iPhone X, which was modified to use USB-C instead of the Lightning connector, sold for a whopping $ 86,001 on eBay.

It was made by robotics engineer student Ken Pillonel, and the device – which still functions perfectly normally – was unveiled in October before it was on the list for sale earlier this month. He received an offer of $ 99,000, but it was withdrawn.

iPhone X modified to use USB-C brings wealth

It seems that most iPhone owners would rather have a USB-C connector instead of Lightning at this point – especially since several iPad models have made a change. But Pilonel is the only one who really did something about it.

After months of painstaking work, which included reverse engineering Apple’s custom C94 connector and a specially designed flexible board, Pillonel is finally done with a working iPhone X that has a USB-C connector.

And it doesn’t just charge the device; the connector can also be used for data transfer, so it completely replaces the Lightning port and allows the iPhone X to function completely normally. However, it comes with some catch.

Do not update it

In an effort to ensure the iPhone continues to function as intended, Pillonel listed a number of conditions that potential buyers had to agree to before making an offer on eBay – including not resetting or updating the device.

That obviously deterred too many people, because when the 10-day auction ended on Thursday, the winning bid was for a whopping $ 86,001. And, believe it or not, it looked like Pillonel would do even more at some point.

The iPhone was given a high price of $ 99,000, but that – like five others – was withdrawn before the auction ended.

Someone else is now the proud owner of the “first USB-C iPhone in the world,” which is the 64GB iPhone X that ships without any accessories. However, it comes with a 30-minute phone conversation with Pillonel if the customer is interested.

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