The iPhone SE 3 with 5G could be just around the corner

The second-generation iPhone SE from 2020 will soon be replaced.
Photo: Apple

Apple is on track to introduce its third generation iPhone SE in early 2022, according to the market analysis company. It is expected to be the first in this budget line with 5G cellular wireless networking.

But other details about the device are few at the moment.

Expect the iPhone SE 3 in the first quarter of 2022

A report released by TrendForce on Tuesday said: “Apple remains committed to releasing its third-generation iPhone SE in the first quarter of the 22nd and four models as part of the new 2H22 series.” This is not the first unconfirmed report that the next cheaper iOS model is coming in 2022, but TrendForce is helping to confirm that it will be out before the end of March.

Following the launch of the 5G in the iPhone 12 2020 series, the fast networking standard is reportedly dropping to the SE line. And TrendForce says Apple has high hopes: “The third-generation iPhone SE is expected to be the main instrument helping Apple establish a market share for mid-range 5G smartphones. It is predicted that the production volume for 2022 will reach 25-30 million units. “

Other features are mostly a mystery

If you follow the rumors about the iPhone SE 3, you are probably confused as to what it will look like.

A recent report confidently stated that the phone will be based on the iPhone XR, meaning it will be the first in this budget series with a screen from almost edge to edge.

But a subsequent leak says the iPhone SE 3 will retain the smaller 4.7-inch screen and Home button of the current model. And it will reportedly be called the iPhone SE Plus.

The current model sells for $ 399. It is not known whether the replacement will be equally affordable, but the relatively low price is a feature of this product line.

The only thing all the rumors agree on is that the replacement for the 2020 iPhone SE 2 is coming in 2022 and will have 5G. But other features are a safe assumption, such as a faster processor.

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